Campus Information

Precautions on the Campus

While the new campus is a beautiful site, individuals walking on the property should stay alert. There are both poison ivy and venomous (poisonous) snakes on the Concordia campus. To help identify which snakes could be on the property, the university has developed the following documents with images and detailed descriptions.

Poison Ivy (PDF)

Venomous (poisonous) Snakes (PDF)

Planned Development Agreement (PDA)

Ordinance 20070215-042, the restrictive zoning agreement with the City of Austin governing use of the Concordia University Texas property. Plat maps can be found here.

Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM)

The City of Austin requires Concordia University to have an integrated pest management plan for maintenance of the athletic fields. The lasted version of this plan is available by clicking the link: IPM PLAN (large PDF).

Utility Consumption

Concordia University Texas closely monitors its utility consumption. The latest monthly totals are available here.

Campus Layout

See the building floor plans.