Building Floor Plans


Total campus building footage: 311,756 square feet
Campus parking spaces:
975 spaces
: 386 acres (250 acres are dedicated nature preserve)
Student housing
: 138 rooms (276 beds)

Click the links below (large PDF files):

Campus Buildings

Building A (11,211 square feet)

Building A thumb A thumb
Annex thumb
Building A photo North side South side (annex)

Building B (35,716 square feet)

Building B thumb
B thumb
B thumb
Building B photo 1st floor 2nd floor

Building C (55,890 square feet)

Building C thumb
C1 thumb
C2 thumb
Building C photo 1st Floor 2nd Floor(updated)

Building D (58,500 square feet)

Building D thumb
D1 thumb
D2 thumb
Building D photo
1st Floor 2nd floor

Building E (13,800 square feet + 1,582 square feet in the courtyard)

Building E
E thumb
Building E photo Plans

Building F (30,256 square feet)

Building F
F1 thumb
F2 thumb
Building F photo 1st Floor 2nd Floor

Building G (28,340 square feet)

Building G
G1 thumb
G2 thumb
Building G (fieldhouse) 1st floor 2nd floor

Building H1 (36,096 square feet)

HI thumb Housing front
H1 photo (north) Front View
H1-1 thumb H1-2 thumb H1-3 thumb
1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor

Building H2 (32,760 square feet)

H@ thumb
H2 photo (south)
H2-1 thumb H2-2 thumb H2-3 thumb
1st floor 2nd floor 3rd Floor
Student room
Student room layout

Guard House Front Sign

Front sign
Guard House Front sign (620)
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