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Study Abroad FAQ

Find everything you need to know about studying abroad with Concordia University Texas.

  • Where can I go?

    We offer programs in 30+ countries!


    Concordia Westfield House Programme

    We offer the unique Concordia Westfield House Programme - Cambridge. Take a semester in Liberal Arts Theology in one of the world's premier sites for higher learning, all in a Lutheran Christian setting just an hour outside of London.


    Third Party Programs

    International Studies Abroad (ISA) is the most popular provider of long-term study abroad programs for CTX students and a trusted source of full-service study abroad programs around the world.

    AHA International offers you the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines all over Europe.


    CTX Travel Courses

    Our own CTX Travel Courses offer students a few key destinations each year. These programs are usually two weeks long and offer 3-6 semester credits.

    Travel courses are very affordable, since 100% of financial aid applies to tuition. Ground costs (e.g., flights, hotels, food, etc.) are extra.

  • What credits can I get?

    You'll earn 12-17 credits in a semester-long program. Summer and CTX Travel Courses return 3-6 semester hours.

    Credits you earn through our approved programs (above) are guaranteed to transfer. But each program is different, with a unique set of classes. So you'll have to make some choices about how to spend your time, much like you would for a semester here at Concordia.

    You can also find class/credit details at the ISA and AHA pages.

  • How much will it cost?

    Semesters abroad range from $8,900 up to $20,500. Summer and CTX Travel Courses range from $200-$6,000.

    Study abroad program costs always include housing and often meals too! So, if you can afford to study here, then you can afford to study abroad. The best way to control costs is by being flexible on location.

    In general, Europe and Australia are the most expensive places to study, while Asia, Latin America, and especially Africa offer more affordable locations. There are affordable options in all regions of the world.

    If you're strategic about choice of location, your semester could be less expensive than studying here at CTX.

  • Does financial aid apply?

    In almost every case, at least some financial aid will apply.

    The way we set up our contracts with our partners allows you to stay enrolled and pay here at CTX.

    Since your enrollment status doesn't change, that means any third-party loans (private or government) and non-military federal grants/aid you already receive will apply, just like any other semester.

    If you are currently receiving a merit (academic) scholarship from Concordia, that will not carry over to a semester off campus. Merit scholarships will kick in again when you are back on campus.

    CTX Travel Courses are eligible for 100% of financial aid. If you choose a spring or fall travel course, tuition can be rolled into your full-time bill if your total hours are less than 18.

    Note for summer travel: Concordia offers no institutional aid for any summer courses, whether traditional or travel. But all other types of third-party aid are eligible, provided your financial awards still have funds remaining for the year.

  • When can I travel?

    You can start the process today if:

    • You've already earned 24 credit hours, and
    • You've maintained a 2.75 cumulative GPA.

    The "sweet spot" for travel is from the summer after your sophomore year through the summer before your senior year.

    Many senior students do study abroad, with careful advanced planning, but if you go abroad late in your senior year, it could delay your graduation.

    If you're a freshman desperate to travel, look into CTX Travel Courses, which are more flexible on enrollment requirements.

    The length of time you'll be away is another important point to consider:

    • Short (less than one month): If you just want to dip your toes in the travel waters, Concordia Travel Courses are great options. Travel usually last 1-2 weeks.
    • Medium (1-2 months): Consider Concordia Travel Courses, ISA, or AHA summer programs.
    • Long (semester): Opt for CISC, IHA, or AHA.
  • Where have other students gone?

    Below are destinations CTX students have explored recently and areas students are making plans to travel to soon.

    If you would like to speak with students who've traveled, come to a Study Abroad info session.

    • South Korea
    • Cambridge, England
    • Florianopolis, Brazil
    • Stratford, Canada
    • Moreira, Brazil
    • San Jose, Costa Rica
    • Freiburg, Germany
    • Paris, France
    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • Florence, Italy
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Panama City, Panama
    • Meknes, Morocco
    • Hyderabad, India
    • Seville, Spain
    • London, England

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