Water to Thrive

CTX and Water to Thrive: A Life-Giving Partnership!

Since 2008, the Concordia University Texas community has partnered with Water to Thrive (W2T) to improve the lives of those living without access to clean, safe water.

Through this partnership, the Concordia community has raised funds for THIRTEEN wells that provide water for thousands of individuals living in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania. The well sites include four elementary schools.

2019-2020 Well Campaign

This year we are again excited to expand the partnership between Concordia and W2T as we raise funds to complete our 14th well, and we hope you will be part of this vital endeavor! 

Water 2 Thrive

Join the effort. Give water. Give hope.


Check out Water to Thrive for more information regarding the larger work of this organization.

The Wells Funded So Far

Concordia University Texas has assisted in the funding of thirteen wells! The map below shows the location of ten of those wells. Learn more about our past well campaigns.