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Quality Enhancement Plan

What is Concordia’s QEP?

Concordia University Texas’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) creates the Leadership and Career Capstone. This course prepares students for a successful transition from college to meaningful work or graduate studies after graduation. The course helps students build on broad leadership skills of self-awareness, vocation, and practical application that they have acquired in the Life & Leadership and Leadership Theory & Practice courses completed during their collegiate experience.

How did we determine the QEP topic?

In 2016, Concordia held forums with faculty and staff groups and conducted a campus-wide survey to narrow our topic choice. We found overwhelming support for the continued commitment and refinement of our leadership curriculum. Thus, our QEP will create a Capstone course for the Life and Leadership series, which is completed by all undergraduate students. The course will be unique to each discipline and taken in the student’s junior year. The course will connect students to a career or graduate program in their field of interest.