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Scholarships for Church Work Students

Keith & Margie Loomans Excellence in Education Award

Eligibility and Requirements of Scholarship Applicants

  1. Applicants who are members of a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod shall be eligible for consideration for this scholarship.
  1. Applicant must be a full-time student (taking a minimum of 12 hours each semester) enrolled or planning to enroll at Concordia University Texas in a course of study leading to the Lutheran Teacher Diploma.
  1. Applicant must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better when making application and must maintain a 3.0 or better during the duration of the scholarship term.
  1. Scholarships will be awarded on the applicant's overall aptitude for professional church work in general and classroom teaching in.
  1. Up to four (4) awards will be given each school year. Winners will be selected from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes enrolled in the Education program at Concordia University Texas.
  1. Three (3) letters of recommendation will be required. Each recommendation should be a confidential report describing the applicant's character, ability, and commitment to the Lutheran Teaching Ministry. These letters of recommendation should be MAILED OR EMAILED DIRECTLY to the School of Ministry at Concordia.

a. The applicant's pastor. If the applicant's father is the pastor, the counselor of the respective circuit shall submit the recommendation. If the applicant's father is also the circuit counselor, another pastor shall submit the recommendation.

b. One of the applicant's professors or teachers. This should be a person who has taught the applicant for at least one semester.

c. A person of the applicant's choice. This should be a person who has known the applicant for at least a semester.

  1. A 2-3 page essay written by the applicant should be included along with the application form. This essay should be on the following topic: “What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about Christian leadership at CTX? How did you learn this lesson?”
  1. Submit the Loomans Award Application, essay, and letters of recommendation to:
Hannah Meineke
School of Ministry, Concordia University Texas
11400 Concordia University Dr.
Austin, TX 78726
  1. An applicant who discontinues his/her studies toward being a Lutheran School Teacher for reasons other than natural inability or ill-health shall repay the scholarship fund the full amount of money

The Bob & Anita Schjerven Scholarship

The Bob & Anita Schjerven Scholarship is offered to Junior and Senior full-time students majoring in a church work program. There is one partial scholarship offered and one full scholarship offered that provides financial support toward Tuition and Fees for the following Academic Year (two semesters), plus on-campus Housing and Food (full meal plan).

No substitutions may be made to this award. This award, combined with any other aid, including outside grants or loans, may not exceed the cost of attendance as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services and will be reduced if that occurs.

The minimum cumulative GPA is 3.0. Volunteer efforts in the local or college community will be considered part of the leadership abilities. Selection criteria is based on 50% Academic Excellence and 50% on Leadership Abilities. Selection of the recipient will be made by a committee.

Recipient responsibilities will include:

  • Acknowledgment of receipt of this scholarship award to the donor via a thank-you letter.
  • Attendance at the annual Awards Banquet.
  • Maintenance of a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Continued volunteer service during the year of the award.
  • And maintenance of full-time student status in a church work program.

Schjerven Scholarship Application