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Join Us For Gen1!

Generation1, or GEN1, is a family-centered initiative designed to help first-generation college students and their families successfully navigate higher education here at CTX.

Successful navigation is focused on academic success, engaging in student activities and organizations, creating both social and professional networks, understanding financial literacy, and ultimately graduating and earning that bachelor's degree.The initiative aims to provide support, guidance, and a network for students and families who are a part of the GEN1 community in partnership with the entire Concordia campus.

Am I GEN1?

A first-generation college student is defined as a student who does not have a mother, father, or guardian with a bachelor's degree.


Are you a CTX GEN1 student? We would be honored to share your story as you navigate becoming a college graduate.

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CTX GEN1 Conversation

We invite all campus members to join the daily conversation in our digital CTX GEN1 Initiative Community and use #GEN1CTX across all of your social media too.

While the focus is on first-generation college student success, all CTX community members are welcome to join.

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