Join Us For Generation1!

Gen1 Retreat 2018

August 25 at 2:00-7:00pm
Open to all first-generation incoming freshmen!


Gen1 events occur on the third Thursday of every month starting in September. Join us!

What is Generation1?

Generation1 is a family-centered program designed to help first-generation college students and their families successfully navigate higher education.

Successful navigation entails academic success, active student life participation, the establishment of both social and professional networks, increased financial literacy, and ultimately an earned degree and graduation.

The program aims to provide support, guidance, and a network for students and families who wish to connect with each other as they work towards their academic goals. 

Am I Generation1?

If you will be the first in your immediate family to graduate with a college degree, then yes! We would love for you to join us at our Gen1 events and meet the rest of our Gen1 community! 

Generation1 Retreat Agenda

Time Event Location
2:00 Check-In Welcome Center
2:30 Opening Chapel
3:00 Keynote Speaker Chapel
4:00 Financial Workshop     C-222
5:00 Gen1 Tour Leave from C-222
6:00 Dinner Black Box Theater
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