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Discounted Higher Education Opportunities for UFCU Employees

Through a unique partnership with Concordia University Texas, University Federal Credit Union employees can pursue an MBA in a cohort of peers and save over $3,000* in tuition over the course of the program. From understanding international business principles to managing your workforce through times of change, the skills you’ll develop with an MBA will position you for success. The Concordia MBA features:

  • Regional accreditation through SACS and program-specific accreditation from IACBE
  • An innovative program taught by professors with industry leading experience in addition to a Doctoral degree
  • A flexible delivery model that requires on-site class attendance only one evening per week

With UFCU’s generous tuition reimbursement policies and Concordia’s tuition grants for UFCU employees, the very affordable Concordia University degree programs are even more accessible.

What better way to invest in yourself than by taking advantage of highly relevant programs, conveniently located at the UFCU Events Center?

*The amounts listed do not represent an offer. Recipients must satisfy all requirements for receiving the UFCU partnership discount. $3,000 is based on completing the full 30-credit MBA program.

What Our Current Students Say

Ismael Guzman

"I’m Ismael Guzman, a Licensed Financial Representative with UFCU in Austin. After completing my undergrad, I knew I wanted to pursue an MBA, but was not sure from which university. Concordia stood out with their involvement with UFCU and organizations that are important to me. Through a partnership with UFCU, Concordia allowed me to achieve my goal of getting an MBA, while continuing to work full time. Concordia continues to help the organization I volunteered for, Prospanica, in their quest of empowering others like me to pursue higher education. I have felt an incredible amount of support not only from family and friends, but also from my UFCU family, and Concordia professors and staff. I am most pleased with how well the MBA program focuses on improving leadership skills in the various crucial areas of a business."

- Ismael Guzman, Current CTX MBA Student

David Cox

"I’m David Cox, a Loan Servicing Specialist at University Federal Credit Union. I decided to continue my education through Concordia’s MBA program in order to further my career in the financial services industry. While juggling fatherhood and working a full-time job can be difficult, the MBA program allowed me to maintain a balance between work, school and my personal life. The program has changed the way that I approach my job in a multitude of ways: from the standpoint of thinking more critically, to establishing myself as a leader and implementing real-world skills into my everyday work, I have more confidence in myself today than I ever have in the past."

- David Cox, Current CTX MBA Student

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