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15 Best Concordia-Themed Puns

January 19, 2021
Vortex at CTX

Woosh! It's me, VorTex, the official mascot of Concordia University Texas. I can usually be found cheering on the Concordia Tornados at an athletics game or whirling around campus during a celebration, like Concordia Crossing.

One way I like to support CTX students is by making them smile. In this post, I've collected 15 of the best Concordia puns I know.

1. Invisible Shirt

I was looking for a camouflage shirt in the Concordia Bookstore, but I didn't see one.

2. Groundbreaking Pun

Concordia is working on a groundbreaking project: a new residence hall!

3. A Pun You Can Count On

In math class, you should always wear glasses because they improve division.

4. Curtain Rises on Another Pun

I think CTX Theatre is going to do a performance about puns. It will probably just be a play on words.

5. Angry Birds

One of the golden-cheeked warblers on campus was sitting on my car door. When I tried to open it, the bird flew off the handle.

6. What a Racket

As a tornado, I'm terrible at tennis. I can never get the right spin on the ball.

7. A High Note

I had to drop Music Theory semester, but don't worry — I'll be Bach.

8. Already Booked

I tried to reserve a study room in the CTX Library, but all of them were booked.

9. To Be Frank with You

At the tailgate last year, they had delicious hot dogs. I relished every bite.

10. Home Run Pun

While cheering on the baseball team at Tornado Field, I lost sight of the ball. Then it hit me.

11. Periodic Puns

I will tell chemistry jokes from time to time, but I never get a reaction.

12. Technical Difficulties

I couldn't get the CTX hat off of my computer. It turns out the Caps Lock was on.

13. Take Note

The professor wrote down the main points on the whiteboard. It's remarkable!

14. Brewing Puns

I always order the same latte from the cafe in the UFCU Student Center. I call it deja brew.

15. Campus Beauty

When I first saw the beautiful Concordia University Texas campus, it blew me away.

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