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19 Corporations & Businesses Fleeing California for Texas

June 16, 2021
VorTex with Austin skyline

Concordia University Texas is located in Austin, Texas, the capital city of the Lone Star State. It's not just students moving here; hordes of businesses are relocating to Texas.

The top factors why organizations are moving to Texas include a lower cost of business and living, no income tax, less burdensome regulations that stifle business, and, it's yet to be confirmed, the state's recognition of "y'all" as a legitimate word.

Dozens and dozens of businesses, from startups to large corporations, are relocating to Texas. The more businesses that move to Texas, the more job opportunities become available to the state's residents.

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Here are 19 companies that have moved their corporate headquarters from California to Texas between 2019 and 2021.

1. Aeromax Industries

Aeromax Industries Inc. manufactures parts and assemblies for United States military aircraft.

In 2019, the company relocated its headquarters from Canoga Park, Calif., to Fort Worth, Texas.

2. Astura Medical

The biomedical spine technology company moved corporate headquarters from Carlsbad, Calif., to Irving, Texas, in 2019.


Real estate brokerage firm and Fortune 500 company CBRE moved the company's headquarters from Los Angeles to Dallas.

4. Charles Schwab

Financial services giant Charles Schwab relocated its headquarters from San Francisco to Westlake, Texas, a town in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, in 2019.

5. FileTrail

FileTrail is a leading information governance and record management software company that services law firms and other highly regulated industries.

In 2020, the company moved its headquarters from San Jose, Calif., to Austin.

6. Green Dot

Green Dot Corporation provides financial products and banking services to customers and fintech business solutions to organizations.

Currently located in Pasadena, Calif., the company announced plans to move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, in 2021.

7. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is an edge-to-cloud Platform-as-a-Service company that delivers information technology solutions.

In 2020, the global organization moved its headquarters from San Jose, Calif., to Houston.

8. Incora

Incora, a company resulting from the merger of Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair, distributes and provides supply chain solutions for multiple industries, including aerospace, defense and space, automotive, industrial equipment, and pharmaceutical R&D.

In 2021, Incora opened its new headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, relocating from Valencia, Calif.

9. KVP International

KVP International Inc. supplies the veterinary marketplace with animal wellness products that help pets recover and rehabilitate, including a range of recovery collars.

The company moved its headquarters from Chino, Calif., to McKinney, Texas, in 2020.

10. Maddox Defense

Maddox Defense Inc. supplies USA-made tactical, protective, and medical equipment and gear for the United States military and first responders.

The American manufacturing company moved its headquarters from San Diego to Houston in 2020.

11. Optimal Elite Management

LED sign manufacturer Optimal Elite Management LLC purchased office and warehouse space in Grand Prairie, Texas, planning to move its headquarters from Los Angeles to Texas in 2021.

12. Oracle

Oracle Corporation is a multinational company that provides database software and technology, cloud applications, and other software products.

Oracle moved its headquarters from Redwood City, Calif., to Austin, Texas, in 2020.

13. Pabst Brewing Co.

Pabst Brewing Company, the country's largest privately owned beer brewer, moved its headquarters from Los Angeles to San Antonio in 2020.

Previously headquartered in San Antonio from 1996 to 2006, the company's headquarters have returned to River City.

14. Saleen Performance Parts

A manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket automotive performance and restyling parts, Saleen Performance Parts moved its headquarters from Corona, Calif., to Round Rock, Texas, in 2020.

15. SignEasy

The company provides a cloud-based solution for signing and filling out electronic documents.

SignEasy moved its headquarters from San Francisco to Dallas in 2019.

16. SmartAction

SmartAction offers artificial intelligence-powered virtual agents for contact centers.

The organization announced that it is relocating headquarters from El Segundo, Calif., to Fort Worth, Texas.

17. SmartDraw Software

SmartDraw Software LLC is a computer software company that enables users to create more than 70 types of diagrams and visuals on any platform.

The organization moved its headquarters from San Diego to The Woodlands, Texas, in 2020.

18. Sonim Technologies

The heavy-duty cell phone manufacturer moved its headquarters from San Francisco to Austin, Texas, in 2020.

19. Wedgewood

Wedgewood LLC is a diversified real estate company that provides brokerage services, commercial and residential investments, escrow services, non-performing loans, property management, and more.

The company plans to move its headquarters from Redondo Beach, Calif., to Fort Worth, Texas.