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2020 Faculty Awards

August 17, 2020
Faculty award recipients Amber Shammas and Mary Kay Johnston

[Faculty award recipients: Amber Shammas (L) and Mary Kay Johnston (R)]

The faculty members at Concordia University Texas help make the University unique. Our professors are easily accessible and, because of small class sizes, CTX students have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with their professors.

This summer, two faculty members were recognized for their incredible contributions to Concordia and the greater academic community.

Martin J. Neeb, Sr., Teaching Excellence Award

The Martin J. Neeb Teaching Excellence Award honors a faculty member who has contributed to the total ministry of education inside and outside of the University setting. The award is named after Dr. Martin J. Neeb, Sr., a beloved professor who served Concordia from 1929 to 1945.

The undergraduate senior class votes each year to determine which faculty member will receive the award. The faculty member displays their commitment to Christian education through classroom instruction, educational innovation, student rapport and more. This is the highest honor bestowed upon Concordia University Texas faculty members.

This year, Dr. Amber Shammas, an assistant professor of Nursing and the director of the Undergraduate Nursing Program, received the Martin J. Neeb, Sr., Teaching Excellence Award.

View the list of Martin J. Neeb, Sr., Teaching Excellence Award recipients to see if your favorite professor has been honored.

Faculty Scholarship Award

The Faculty Scholarship Award is given to full-time faculty members at CTX who have made substantial contributions to society and culture through the publication of original research, presentations at major national or international society meetings, presentations of major artistic works, publications of noteworthy essays, and/or any other significant work of scholarship.

Recipients are nominated by their college and selected by fellow faculty members who have determined that they fulfill the high requirements of the award.

Dr. Mary Kay Johnston, an associate professor of Biology and Environmental Science in the School of Natural & Applied Sciences, received the award this year. She was nominated by her colleagues in the College of Arts & Sciences and selected by her fellow faculty members.

We congratulate Dr. Amber Shammas and Dr. Mary Kay Johnston!

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