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5 Reasons to Attend a Private University

May 26, 2021
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When searching for colleges, one of the first things you have to determine is whether you want to attend a private or public university. Private universities like Concordia University Texas offer benefits that public universities don't.

Here are the top five reasons to attend a private university.

5. Tuition isn't based on your residence.

Students who attend public colleges and universities in a different state are hit with large out-of-state tuition hikes. Because residents within the state pay taxes that go toward public universities, their tuition is lower.

Take a look at some of Texas' largest public universities and their tuition costs. The following compares in-state tuition for traditional students with out-of-state tuition for traditional students for the 2021-22 academic year.

University In-State Cost Out-of-State Cost
University of Texas at Austin
Note: The costs are for the McCombs School of Business.
Living with parents: $22,932Living on or off campus: $31,612 $64,534
Texas State University Living with parents: $22,190Living on or off campus: $27,000 $39,240
Texas A&M University
Note: The tuition amount includes only tuition and fees, not additional costs like housing. The costs are for the College of Liberal Arts.
$11,285 $39,170

At an out-of-state public university, you can spend around two to three times more for the same education that in-state students receive.

Concordia's tuition and fees are consistent for all students, whether you're from down the road or across the country.

View the cost of attendance at Concordia University Texas.

4. Financial aid is available.

There are multiple ways to help you fund your education.

Self-help aid refers to money that students borrow and then repay, including federal loans, the federal work-study program and private loans. Gift aid is money awarded to students that does not have to be repaid, such as scholarships, grants and awards.

One hundred percent of students at Concordia receive financial aid. CTX offers freshmen and transfer students generous merit scholarships.

3. You don't get lost in the crowd.

Public institutions are typically much larger than private universities. Because of that, these institutions generally have much larger class sizes, making it easy for students to get lost in the shuffle.

At private institutions, you're more than just a number. You have the opportunity to engage with professors and classmates.

The professors at Concordia know their students and often become mentors to them. Additionally, students participate in regular class discussions and group projects.

2. You join a tight-knit community.

Small campuses offer you the opportunity to form meaningful connections.

Students at Concordia take many classes with the same students, many of whom have different majors. You have more time to befriend your classmates and meet students in different programs.

1. Faith-based institutions.

The major benefit that private institutions provide is the opportunity to attend a Christian-based school.

Concordia is aligned with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and offers multiple ways to support you in your walk with Christ:

  • Daily chapel
  • Student organizations (e.g., Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Missions Club)
  • Campus pastor
  • Life groups and Bible studies

Are you ready to begin your life-changing adventure at Concordia University Texas? Apply today!