5 Ways to Beat Anxiety as a Student

February 11, 2019
Beat Anxiety

Whether you are a first-gen student, a freshman, a senior, a transfer student or something in between, anxiety can strike at any moment.

Sometimes, stressors such as exams and projects are triggers, other times, the balance of academics, a job and a social life contribute to the overwhelmed frenzy.

It is completely normal to experience this uneasy feeling during some point of your university experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn coping mechanisms to ease the tension!

Here are five ways to beat anxiety as a student!

Exercise Daily

Take your problems out for a run.

Research shows that getting your blood pumping is more effective in treating anxiety than medication. Plus, living an active lifestyle helps you sleep better at night, boosting your overall mood.

Talk To Someone

Your discussions don’t have to be between you and a professional, although CTX counselors and faculty are more than happy to bend an ear.

Sometimes, it just takes bringing up your worries to a fellow student or family member to make you feel a little bit lighter. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Improve your diet

Experts say that a bad diet can drive anxiety symptoms into full force. Leave the cookie dough snack and reach for some carrots.

A healthy body makes for a healthy brain. Eating a balanced diet gives you the energy you need to feel like you have this thing under control, because you do!

Plan ahead

Typically, quizzes and tests are not thrown at you without notice. You might have had weeks, or even months, to ready for an upcoming exam.

Binge-studying can be very stressful. Trying to digest weeks worth of material in a long night can give anyone anxiety, especially a sleep deprived college student.

Map out a study plan and follow it.

Find Ways to Relax

There are so many different ways to relax:

  • Ask a friend to go with you to a yoga class
  • Get a massage
  • Listen to your favorite album in the dark
  • Grab a blanket and check out the starry night sky on campus
  • Go on a long drive to nowhere in particular
  • Go to the library and check out that you’ve been putting off reading and find a relaxing spot on campus to digest it
  • Get enough sleep; preferably 8 hours

Everyone needs to give their bodies, minds and souls peace sometimes, and doing something that calms you down is good for your health.

So, there it is! Hope you can use these 5 ways to beat anxiety. Finish your semester off strong!