CTX 101: Personal Support Center

January 13, 2021
laptop on desk

Concordia University Texas offers students resources to support them in every part of their life-changing adventure, including technical support. Concordia's Personal Support Center helps with anything tech-related.

As students and professors utilize virtual learning, we understand that you may encounter technical difficulties. The Personal Support Center is available 24/7:

Recent Tech Changes at CTX

All student email accounts have migrated from Google Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 mail. You can still access the Google Suite apps, including Google Drive.

Additionally, the process for logging into MyInfo is now streamlined. Instead of using your Concordia Banner ID (B00XXXXXX) and PIN, you use your email username without the "" and the password for your email account.

Helpful Tech Guides

Are you running into difficulty resetting your password or changing a setting on your account? The Personal Support Center provides helpful instructions for many tech issues you may face.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that may help you in the future.

What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is a platform that CTX students and professors use for courses. You can submit online assignments, participate in discussion boards and view your grades for each course you're taking. Professors post important documents on Blackboard Learn, such as the syllabus, rubrics and other guidelines.

What is MyInfo?

MyInfo is essential for every student. It is the portal through which you register for classes, view your class schedule, view bills, accept financial aid, order transcripts and more.

Why do I need a CTX email address?

It's important to regularly check your email because it is the primary way Concordia corresponds with students. In addition to University-wide emails, your professors and fellow students use your CTX email to communicate with you.