College Terminology Guide Part II

August 28, 2020
aerial view of CTX campus

People at Concordia University Texas, like all other colleges and universities, often use words that may be unfamiliar. Expanding on our first guide, we've added some new college terminology to help you successfully navigate higher education.


There is a collection of words used to describe types of alumni, which refer to people who have graduated from CTX.

Alumnus refers to a male graduate.

Alumna refers to a female graduate.

Alumnae refers to two or more female graduates.

Alumni refers either to two or more male graduates or to a group of male and female graduates.

Non-Traditional Student

The phrase "non-traditional student" doesn't refer to a student who's unique or quirky. It refers to any student who is an adult learner. These students typically work during the day and take 8-week classes in the evenings.


"STEM" is an acronym for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics."

STEM courses refer to the subjects that fall within the four broad categories. STEM careers or STEM jobs refer to the wide variety of occupations in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Concordia's SLOs communicate the skills you should acquire through each course.

The SLOs remain consistent across all of the courses you take at Concordia:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Career
  • Community

Trad Student

A "trad student" refers to students on a traditional college path. These students typically enter college right out of high school, take standard 16-week classes and attend class full time during the day.


"Vocation" alludes to the spheres of influence you are called to, which oftentimes occur simultaneously. It's the meaningful work through which God uses us to serve others (e.g., child, spouse, sibling, volunteer, etc.). While your career is part of it, your vocation is much more.

Vocation & Professional Development (VPD), Concordia's career center, offers a full range of career services to help you prepare for your vocation.


If you choose to withdraw from (or drop) a class, you will not receive a grade for the class; it will not be factored into their GPA. You will instead receive a "W" for withdrawal.

Please see the Academic Catalog for information on withdrawal refunds.

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