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Concordia Employs Tools to Improve Student Enrollment Experience

September 16, 2020
Brandy Fowler

Concordia University Texas was recently featured in a case study by TargetX, an organization that provides the University with CRM (consumer relationship management) solutions. Brandy Fowler, the director of Enrollment Operations, shared how a new tool, TargetX Insights, has helped improve the admission process and students' enrollment experience.

TargetX Supports Concordia's Commitment to Personalized Attention

A major factor that makes Concordia so unique is the personalized attention students receive from application to graduation.

All students, whether undergraduate or graduate, work with the same admissions counselor throughout the entire enrollment process. Once they begin classes, they work directly with the same student academic planner and student financial planner through graduation.

In 2016, Fowler led Concordia's transition to the TargetX Recruitment Suite, which provides tools to help CTX better communicate with students and track their engagement throughout the entire recruitment cycle. With the comprehensive data from TargetX, the Office of Admissions can provide each student with a personalized experience by understanding and meeting their specific needs.

Accessing Targeted Data

One of Concordia's mottos is that recruitment is everyone's job. Staff and faculty join forces to provide students with an excellent enrollment experience. Data is essential to identify the best ways to recruit students.

The Office of Admissions didn't have the bandwidth to deliver targeted data that was relevant to each individual or department, so they shared lengthy funnel reports each week. With some of the reports exceeding 25 pages, many across campus found the information to be overwhelming and difficult to understand.

“We have faculty and coaches that want to be a part of the process, but because we didn’t have the resources to give them what they needed, that limited their engagement,” Fowler said. “At a small school, every enrolled student matters. I knew we needed a solution to provide pinpointed reports in a fast and easy-to-understand way.”

Concordia Leverages TargetX Insights

Fowler conducted research and tried a demo of TargetX Insights, a new tool that provides institutions with targeted data dashboards. The tool simplifies the data into clear, real-time metrics on dashboards that are catered to every department's needs.

“The minute that I saw TargetX Insights," Fowler explained, "I knew it would be a great solution to our problems and would allow everyone to be involved in the enrollment and recruitment process in the ways that we had always hoped. It saves everyone time and energy while allowing them to be partners in the recruitment process."

Impact on Concordia University Texas Students

The new technology improves the enrollment process for CTX students.

The Office of Admissions saves time on developing reports because TargetX Insights allows each department to access the data they need. Our admissions counselors can allocate this extra time to engage further with potential students. Additionally, each department can better understand potential students and accurately deliver the information that they seek.

As the TargetX case study stated, "Everyone on campus is armed with the tools to be an effective recruiter."