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Concordia University Texas reduces tuition costs by nearly 40%, expanding access to post secondary education

October 25, 2023
The Right Call | Concordia University Texas

The Right Call initiative includes more simplicity and transparency in tuition structure and overall costs of attendance.

AUSTIN, Texas—Concordia University Texas today announced a more transparent, published tuition cost, which includes a nearly 40% reduction in tuition, starting with the 2024-25 academic year. The new simplistic pricing structure, ‘The Right Call Initiative,’ includes all required fees and free textbooks so prospective and current students and families can have a better understanding of the overall cost of attendance.

“At Concordia Texas, we want to make college education more accessible and transparent, breaking down financial barriers and expanding access to higher learning for all who seek it,” Dr. Kristi Kirk, Concordia University Texas provost and executive vice president, said. “We believe in the transformative power of a college degree and understand that financial constraints can sometimes stand in the way of accessing high-quality higher education and valuable experiential learning opportunities that lead to meaningful work. Our revised approach, which is part of the personalized support we provide to our students, aims to expand access to a Concordia Texas education for a broader range of undergraduate students.”

The simplified tuition structure reduces the published tuition price to $23,500. This inclusive tuition covers all required fees and textbooks for completing a degree, eliminating surprises and ensuring clarity in educational expenses—no surprises—just affordable education. There are a few exceptions to what’s included in the published tuition price, such as course fees for experiential courses that are not mandatory for graduation. Additionally, the nursing program includes an additional program fee, and student-athletes have an insurance fee.

The Right Call will help students and families budget better for their education. Even with a reduced tuition, students can expect to experience the same high-quality education and caring learning community for which Concordia Texas has always been known.

“Concordia Texas is committed to breaking down barriers and widening the doors of higher education to a broader spectrum of students who might not have had this opportunity otherwise,” Dr. Kirk said. “By removing the stress and barriers college tuition can create for students and their families, The Right Call initiative ensures that all students, regardless of their background, can focus on their studies and personal growth with confidence and realize their full potential with higher education. Approaching tuition more transparently is ‘The Right Call’ for our students, campus community, Central Texas and higher education.”

Concordia Texas will continue to offer certain scholarships and financial aid. While the overall amounts for institutional aid (or scholarships) may be smaller, federal and state financial aid programs, which are based on a family's individual financial situation, are not affected by the new tuition structure.

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