Concordia Texas Athletics' Commitment to Supporting Coaches on National Coaches Day

October 06, 2023
Softball coach and some of the team

Each October we celebrate coaches across the country as part of National Coaches Day on October 6th. National Coaches Day is a time we honor the committed coaches at Concordia University Texas who have had a significant impact on the lives of the athletes they have coached. On National Coaches Day, we take this opportunity to recognize the extraordinary contributions made by these role models who not only convey the fundamentals of their sport but also motivate their student-athletes and foster a strong feeling of camaraderie within the athletics department.

Athletic Excellence at Concordia Texas

Concordia Texas Athletics is more than just a collection of teams; it is a tight-knit community where athletes discover not only teammates but also mentors and lifetime friends. The dedicated coaches who lead and guide their players both on and off the field cultivate and strengthen this sense of unity.

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Role Models and Mentors

The coaches at Concordia Texas represent mentors and role models to the players they serve. They set an example by displaying the virtues of self-control, cooperation, and professionalism. Athletes who follow their guidance learn how to excel in their chosen sport as well as how to face obstacles in life with elegance and tenacity.

A Supportive Culture

The culture of devotion that governs every team at Concordia Texas is one of the program's most impressive features. To foster a culture where athletes feel appreciated, heard, and empowered, coaches go above and beyond. The coaches at Concordia Texas are consistent in their dedication to the success and well-being of their players, whether it is through tailored workout regimens, inspirational speeches, or offering a shoulder to lean on in trying times.

Building Lasting Connections

Coaches and athletes often build relationships that go far beyond the playing field. Many Concordia Texas athletes give their coaches credit for instilling in them a feeling of confidence, tenacity, and a solid work ethic that they continue to exhibit even after their sports careers have come to an end. These relationships form a pillar of the Concordia Texas experience, forging a lifelong network of support.

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A Legacy of Excellence

Beyond individual accomplishments, Concordia Texas coaches have a significant impact. They contribute to the tradition of excellence that characterizes the athletics program through their guidance and direction. With the principles and values established by their mentors, Concordia Texas alums frequently continue to become pioneers in their areas.

In honor of National Coaches Day, we recognize Concordia Texas' outstanding coaches for everything they do to create an inspiring atmosphere for athletes: BJ Alzaid, Stan Bonewitz, Jeff Bramlett, Lori Bramlett, Ben Constancio, Anna Edwards, Sammy Gillespie, Adam Gonzales, Ana Gonzalez, Brianna Green, Haylee Guest, Vincent Henderson, Manny Iloba, Carlin Isles, Cameron Jones, Mark Keeney, Steve Landry, Brianna Marstaller, Jim Martin, Nicole McCoy-Dalby, Nick Mims, Clint Mokry, Gregory Mulamba, Emily Newton, Albert Ochoa, Quentin Parker, Andy Perez, Carlos Perez, Georgia Quiroz, Stephen Register, Caleb Rodriguez, Alex Rogers, Keomi Rogers, Craig Sini, Victoria Smith, Andrea Stapper, Jeff Staton, Andy Tunnicliffe, Matt Wallis, and Jason Winkler.

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