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How to "Halloween" as a College Student

October 29, 2018

Being too old to trick-or-treat doesn't mean you have to skip all the fun. Check out these age appropriate alternatives!

Visit the Haunted Hall

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Halloween, Concordia's Building B will transform into the Haunted Hall! This annual CTX event features a Halloween movie, pizza and candy!

Tell ghost stories around a flashlight

Have some friends over, turn off all the lights, grab a flashlight and take turns reading ghost stories. Some of your friends might have stories from personal experience, others might be good at telling some of the classics. Not sure you know any? Check out one of the books from the “Scary Stories” series and relive your childhood. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Pumpkin carving contest

It's been a little warm outside, but now is the perfect time to carve a pumpkin without risking it rotting before Halloween. Get a group of like-minded individuals together and see who can create the most fierce jack-o-lantern. Take the winner out for dinner!

Enjoy to a scary podcast

Turn off the lights and tune into podcasts such as The NoSleep Podcast or Knifepoint Horror. All you have to do is listen and enjoy. This can be something fun to do with your roommates, your best friend, or even alone, if you dare.

Decorate your dorm

It's not too late to decorate! Bond with your roommate by creating a mini haunted house in your dorm. See if you can get an entire hallway of individuals to participate. Bonus points if you dress up and scare people who visit your dorm! Not into letting people walk through your space? Have a door decorating contest instead.

Get tickets to a scary movie

Check out the lineup of scary movie viewing showing at Alamo Drafthouse locations throughout Austin. Feeling lazy?

Head across the street to Galaxy Moviehouse & Eatery and watch "Halloween" or "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween," while enjoying some seasonal menu items and drinks! Broke? Make it a scary movie marathon at home! American Horror Story Season Seven: "Cult" is now streaming on Netflix, if you want to binge the series.

Go to a haunted house

If you haven’t already had your pants scared off this year, this is the best way to do so. Visit Scream Hollow or House of Torment and get your scream on. Make sure to take a friend along so you don't chicken out!

Check out a theme park

Six Flags Fiesta Texas isn't really that far away, and it's open for all the Halloween fun. Fright Fest 2018, the Six Flags’ Halloween production, features scary mazes, zombies, ghouls and scare zones. It is open now through 11 p.m. on Halloween.