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Why an MBA from Concordia University Texas will advance your business career

June 10, 2024
Graduates that advanced their careers with an MBA

The unprecedented growth in Central Texas has long been fueled by the region’s robust business climate. Some of the most prominent brands in the world employ thousands of Central Texans, including Google, Dell, Oracle, and Apple.

The Master of Business Administration program at Concordia University Texas provides a path to connect with not only those companies, but also the myriad of other businesses of all sizes and industries in our region.

The flexibility and practicality of the program differentiates Concordia Texas’s MBA from other institutions. With a simplified entry process and affordable tuition, Concordia Texas ensures professionals of all backgrounds can earn a degree that will advance their career.

When students enroll in the program, the tuition costs do not change over time, providing certainty for financial planning. In addition, the published tuition cost is one of the most affordable in the state, and every student who is admitted receives some form of financial aid.

Concordia Texas’s MBA can also accommodate students with varying lifestyles — no matter how busy they are. Classes are available just once a week or in the evening, and either on campus or online.

The program, which has 14 different classes, is led by professors who have an average of 15 years of industry-leading experience. The professors — including Daniel Guerrero, Ed.D., chair of Concordia Texas’s MBA program — are teaching in a learning environment of typically around 15 students, but never exceeding 25. Guerrero emphasizes how the small class sizes allow professors to provide more individualized lessons to teaching that cater to the professional goals of each student.

The curriculum is centered around unmatched access to real-world examples tied to classroom teachings, best equipping students with first-hand knowledge of how to operate and adapt in a global business climate. For example, students can visit businesses throughout Central Texas, meet with the owners, and learn not only about their career and business, but also about other important relevant topics such as corporate social responsibility. By connecting with businesses of varying sizes — from large corporations such as Whataburger and Home Depot to startups — Concordia Texas MBA students are networking with diverse, influential leaders in a thriving business climate. The meetings also benefit industry leaders because they are connected to job-ready, engaged professionals. These meetings are a direct result of the intimate class sizes at Concordia Texas, an experience that is more challenging at institutions with larger programs.

The MBA program also offers other networking events in the community, along with tangible, applicable coursework that further enables students to cultivate valuable skills they will use in the workplace and beyond.

Students electing to take online courses are no different. While the coursework is the same as that of on-campus classes, each class of online students is also introduced to guest speakers who are business and community leaders. The full curriculum provides every tool and resource necessary for MBA graduates to thrive in the careers of their choosing.

Guerrero notes that the combination of practical experience and critical thinking, enriched with faith- and values-based instruction, makes the MBA program a transformational experience for a premier business education — all at the doorstep of a flourishing region with no shortage of economic opportunity.


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