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COVID-19 Update: Summer Operations, Faculty & Staff

April 01, 2020

Summer Operations Regarding COVID-19

Faculty and Staff:

The CTX Leadership continues to evaluate and make decisions about ongoing operations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines from local, federal and state authorities. In general, we are making decisions and will communicate them on a rolling 30 day notice (i.e., May events by April 1, June events by May 1, etc.). This message serves to inform you about decisions made for the month of May.

Offices: For questions about your work, please contact your supervisor.

All offices will continue working virtually until the City of Austin Shelter-in-Place mandate is lifted. That is currently in place until April 13.

Classes: For questions about classes, please contact KC Pospisil.

Traditional face-to-face classes for Summer Session 1 will go online.

ABSN classes are prepared to go fully online for the entire summer session. Jason Shuffitt will communicate with nursing students. Orientation will be virtual.

All adult and graduate classes (MEd, MBA and EdD) will be online for the first 8 week session. Orientation will be virtual.

Residence Halls: For questions about residence halls, please contact Liz Medina.

The Halls will remain open only for students who have been approved for an emergency extension.

Travel: For questions about travel, please contact your supervisor.

All group travel (defined as groups travelling together or individuals travelling to groups/conferences) is cancelled through the end of May.

All individual travel (defined as an individual travelling to another individual for a recruiting visit, internship supervision, etc.) is cancelled through the end of April. We will make decisions about May as that gets closer, based on public health guidelines.

On campus Conferences/Events: For questions about conferences and events on campus, please contact Kristin Coulter.

All institutional events are cancelled/postponed through the end of April. We will evaluate any May events as needed, based on public health guidelines.

We are working with requests for rentals of campus space and working to reschedule to a later date. We will continue to evaluate all requests based on public health guidelines.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these decisions, your hard work in moving your classes and services to a virtual platform, and your dedication to student success at Concordia.


Kristi Kirk