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VorTex’s Whirlwind Summer

September 03, 2019
CTX VorTex on Bridge

Written by VorTex

Dear CTX Tornados,

It’s me, VorTex. I hope you had a wonderful summer. I’ve had quite the whirlwind of a summer, and I have some exciting news to share with you!

At Concordia University Texas, lifelong learning is one of our core values. The more we learn, the more we grow. This applies to the entire CTX community, including me. I spent the summer working on improving myself, and I feel like a completely new Tornado!

New Look

Before and After CTX VorTex

The biggest change I underwent was my overall appearance.

I am grateful for each year I get to be your mascot, and I’m so excited for the 2019-2020 year. Another year being your mascot has put a bright smile on my face. People have even told me that I look happier.

New Hat

The coolest part of my new look is my hat.

I can wear it backward for informal occasions like a basketball game or forward for more formal occasions like Founders’ Day (make sure to register for this great event).

New Outfit

VorTex in Stadium

I can better show my support of our Concordia Tornados with my new CTX jersey. Join us for a home game this season!

I understand that not everyone will like my new look, and that’s okay. I’ve heard it all - a drill bit, a screw, a funnel. But overall, my fellow Tornados have embraced my new look.

I’ve watched students come and go throughout the years, and each CTX graduate is prepared to take the world by storm. Concordia is a wonderful place where you will experience the adventure of faith, learning and life-changing experiences that leads to meaningful work.

Have a great year, Tornados.