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Joe Gadison
Athletics: Assistant Men?s Track & Field Coach

Jared Galvan
Success Center: Student Worker

Mike Garcia
School of Humanities: Adjunct Professor

Sheryl Gauspohl
School of Nursing: Adjunct Professor

Krista Gehlhausen
College of Science: Student Worker

Hattie Geisler

Lisa Gelineau
Humanities: Adjunct Faculty

Corey Gember
Humanities: Adjunct Instructor

Rossano Gerald
School of Bus and Comm: Adjunct Professor

Eric Gerstmann
College of Liberal Arts: Professor Emeritus

Carolyn Gibson
School of Nat and Appl Sciences: Adjunct Professor

Curtis Giese
School of Humanities: Professor of Theology and Greek

Bryan Gilbert
Marketing: Webmaster

Lynette Gillis
: VP of Finance/ Chief Financial Officer

Kai Gockell
Athletics: Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Elizabeth Goins
School of Bus and Comm: Adjunct Professor

Nina Gonzales
Student Financial Services: Assistant Director Student Financial Services

Mercedes Gonzales
Library: Library Assistant

Adam Gonzales
Athletics: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Jennifer Goodman
School of Nat and Appl Sciences: Adjunct Professor

Kimberly Goodman
College of Nursing: Adjunct Faculty

Kelly Gordon
School of Fine Arts: School of Fine Arts Coordinator

Aaron Graf
Student Central: Director of Student Academic Planning

Dianna Gray
School of Education: Adjunct Professor

Chrysta Grebing
Admissions: Admissions Counselor II

Erik Green
School of Bus and Comm: Associate Professor of Communication

Noel Greer
Information Technology: Applications Administrator

Daniel Gregory
: VP of Administration

Matthew Gregory
College of Science: Student Worker

Thomas Greinert
Campus Police: Student Worker

Lallie Greinert
Student Central: Student Academic Planner

Emily Grigsby
College of Science: Adjunct Professor

Janet Grohovac
School of Fine Arts: Adjunct Professor

Gisselle Guajardo
Student Services: Student Worker

Homer Guevara
School of Bus and Comm: Adjunct Professor - MBA

Grace Gunther
Success Center: Student Worker

Gen-Gen Gutierrez