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Accessibility Services

Concordia University Texas makes every effort to provide accessibility services and reasonable accommodations for students according to state and federal guidelines.

Students desiring accommodations are encouraged to submit documentation to verify eligibility. To begin the process please fill out the registration form
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Getting Started

    How do I receive services at CTX?

    In college, students must self-identify that they have a disability. This process begins with registering with the Office of Accessibility Services with the registration form. For more information about the registration process, view our Registration Guide below or contact us.

    Registration Guide (PDF)

  • Accessibility Services Policies

    What services are available?

    Once completing the registration form with the necessary supporting documentation, you will meet with the Office of Accessibility Services staff to review what services and reasonable accommodations can be offered. Typical accommodations include copies of class notes, text-to-speech tools, access to digital versions of textbooks, and testing accommodations. Concordia University Texas also protects students’ rights to have service animals and emotional support animals while on campus. For more information on our policies and procedures, see:

    Service Animals (PDF)

    Emotional Support Animals (PDF)

    Taking Tests in the Testing Center (website)

  • Differences from High School

    How will college be different from high school?

    Typically, in the high school setting, the school is responsible for identifying a student’s disability and maintaining his or her educational plan. Once the transition is made to college, the student becomes responsible for his or her educational goals and disability management. Students should self-identify their disability to receive services and accommodations from CTX. During their studies at CTX, students should self-advocate for their needs and work with the Office of Accessibility Services and their professors to reach their educational goals. For further reading on the differences between high school and college, please see the following resources:

    (OCR): "Students with Disabilities Preparing for Post-secondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

    The Differences Between Secondary Post-secondary Disability Laws (PDF)

    What Parents and Students Should Know About College (PDF)

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid Resources

    Are there additional funding opportunities for students with disabilities?

    YES! There are scholarships from many outside sources to help cover the cost of attendance specifically for students with disabilities. Federal Financial Aid, applied for by filling out the FAFSA, is also and option for students with disabilities to consider when looking to pay for college.

  • Assistive Technology Resources

    What assistive technology resources are available?

    Course materials are made available through Blackboard Ultra with many features thoughtfully constructed ahead of time. Watch Blackboard Ultra’s accessibility design process or learn about more key accessibility features of Blackboard Ultra. You may be offered assistive technology tools, such as Read Speaker, when gaining access to digital textbooks or completing exams in the Testing Center. No matter what, the Office of Accessibility Services is here to help problem solve any needs that may arise during your studies at CTX and can connect you to any additional resources needed.

ADA Approved Map (PDF)