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Assessment Tools

All writing tools can be used as graded or ungraded assignments. Click on the column header for instructions on specific tools.


What is its purpose?

Why would it be useful as a part of the learning experience? How difficult is it to use?

Measure learning through an online exam. Can be short like a quiz or long.

Assess student learning.

Students can receive instructor feedback to questions.

Medium, but can be time consuming to set up.
Threaded discussions on a topic that allow conversations to flow by topic rather than by time posted
Provides students a platform to give the instructor feedback.

Instructor can adjust instruction based on responses received.

Medium, can be slightly time consuming to set up.

Private interaction, with only instructor and individual student able to access

Turning in coursework individually.

Helps track student submissions of coursework.

Could also be used for submission of drafts and portions of a large project.

Easy, not very time consuming to set up.
SafeAssignment - NOW part of Assignment
Submitted assignment that checks for plagiarism.

Produces report on Originality of paper submitted by student.

Able to have a plagiarism check run on student papers.

Easy, as it is built in to the assignments tool.

McGraw-Hill Assignment
List important terms and definitions
(Provided by McGraw-Hill Connect)

Reviewing key terms and ideas unique to a course.

Links into McGraw-Hill Connect for publisher content.

Easy for students to use. Easy to medium for instructors to use.

If you have further questions about which tool to use, please contact Instructional Technology at 512-313-4017.