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Video Tools

Video Tools

If you have further questions about which tool to use, please contact Instructional Technology by submitting a request ticket to the Helpdesk.


Quality level / Difficulty of Use

Where can I use this?

Unique features

Video Streaming
Live video played over the Internet. Used for sharing live video.

Medium quality (classroom quality is higher)

Faculty should request through Helpdesk and provide transcript or captioning

Students must have Windows Media Player and/or plug-in

Online Current fair use interpretation allows instructors to do what you would do in a classroom in a restricted online environment
Video Conference
High quality multi-camera video feed to and from another institution (university, etc.). Used as a live speaker with the highest quality between two video conferencing systems.

High quality (HDTV 1080p); best used 1-4 video connections

Difficult; requires a technician

Video conferencing is available in any classroom that has a Rally Cam setup. Recordable; can manage up to 4 video connections at one time; small delays for sending / receiving signal; can share desktop, laptop, document camera, video