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Ready to take your game play and your education to the next level?

Climb the leaderboards with Concordia University Texas. 

Concordia Esports officially launched in Fall 2019 as the first varsity esports program in Central Texas. Our goal as a program is to provide players the opportunity to express their love and passion for gaming, while working toward completing their degrees.

Concordia is one of the few universities that offers esports scholarships, in addition to merit scholarships a student may qualify for. Concordia will offer up to (10) $2,000 esports scholarships for recruits, based on rank, game history, and performance.

Concordia is serious about game play and it shows. Our teams are raking in the points.

2021 Concordia Esports named the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Esports Champion (1st in League of Legends, 2nd in Rocket League, 3rd in Overwatch)

2022 Concordia Esports named third in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (1st in Apex, 3rd in Rocket League, 3rd in Overwatch)

Who can join esports?

Are you passionate about the games you play? Think you have what it takes to compete at the next level? Concordia is recruiting players for Overwatch, League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Ultimate, and Rocket League.

  • Players must be considered full-time students and must maintain a 2.0 GPA or above.
  • Players regardless of skill level may compete for a spot during open tryouts.
  • Players must comply with the Esports Student Handbook.

Interested in esports, but not a player?
You don’t have to be a player to be a part of Concordia Esports. We are also looking for students interested in production, streaming, casting, content creation, social media, and other esports related positions!

What are the program expectations?

Each team will have a set weekly practice that consists of vod/gameplay reviews, scrimmages, strategy and analysis meetings, and official matches. Most competitions will not require travel, but there will be various LAN events throughout the year that the teams will have the opportunity to attend. Concordia Esports is an affiliate member of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) and will compete nationally through different leagues such as Riot's cLoL, Tespa, Collegiate Rocket League (CRL), and Collegiate Starleague (CSL).

Concordia Esports competes and practices in a dedicated arena that is exclusive to our esports members. The arena is equipped with 13 Alienware R8's, Alienware 240hz monitors, and Logitech peripherals that members will have access to. We also have a dedicated production system for streaming, along with a lounge area with a projector and two 70" TVs for VOD reviews and watch parties.


For more information, request esports information or contact:

Marc Valdoria, Esports Coordinator

Discord: ShadowS7ayers 

Esports Information Request