Master of Business Administration


Whether your goal is to advance in your current position, start a new business or become a community leader, the Concordia MBA is the next step in your journey to success.

The program is designed for professionals with a sincere desire to become leaders who will change the world around them.

As an MBA student, you will master core business concepts, analytical tools, and leadership skills to build a better future for yourself and your community.

Learning Environment

As an MBA student, you will:

  • Complete 36 semester hours of coursework consisting of core business concepts, leadership and organizational development
  • Analyze case studies, complete practical projects, reflect on your own leadership qualities, and challenge and support your fellow cohort members.
  • Attend class one evening per week for 4 hours. The evening will be divided into 2 parts, with the first class meeting from 6-8pm and the second from 8-10pm each week.
  • Have space for reflection and integration during scheduled sabbaticals throughout the program.

In the Classroom

Guest speakers, computerized simulations, case studies, learning teams, and a capstone project are just some of the ways you will be exposed to real-world business issues and participate in making decisions that impact the organization and the wider community.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who hold an MBA are eligible for jobs that otherwise would not be available to them and it is relevant to all industries and sectors regardless of the career chosen after graduation.

The Concordia MBA program offers students access to a network of experienced business professionals, including other students and faculty, who are experienced and engaged in the community.

MBA students partner with an organization in their community to plan, develop, and implement a capstone project with emphasis on management consulting or a venture they might pursue once they have left the program.

We believe the experience and diverse background of our faculty and cohort members is an exceptional value for MBA students while in the program and after graduation.

What Our Students Say:

"The enthusiasm for the subject of Leadership impassioned students to self-reflect and take an introspective approach to a subject that is typically centered on influencing others."
Lynn Ngin, Business Analytics Manager, 2013 MBA Graduate

"My experience with the Concordia MBA program has been incredibly transformative. My wife, employees and friends have all intimated that they've observed considerable growth and change in my life."
John Griffin, President CEO, 2012 MBA Graduate

"I have actually made an impact and led change at my office and only because of how I have grown through the Concordia MBA program."
Valerie Denner, Financial Analyst, 2012 MBA Graduate

"The beauty of the cohort is that it provides you with a built in support system so if you don't understand a concept it is likely that someone on your team does. Another compelling part of the cohort and learning team model is that we all bring different skills and a diverse set of ideas to projects. This makes for an extremely rich and invigorating learning experience."
James Weeks, Sr. Quality Assurance Lead, 2013 MBA Graduate

Our Mission is Developing Christian Leaders