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DNP Course Sequence

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Courses Required for the Major (72 credit hours)

Courses required for major - NOTE* Course Numbers are not available yet, but course names and descriptions are shown below

  • NUR 63XX Introduction to the Doctor of Nursing Practice Role and Scholarly Project

    This course introduces DNP roles and responsibilities as leaders, collaborators, scholars and advocates. DNP role expectations for theory, scholarship and involvement in healthcare policy and advocacy will be discussed along with various DNP roles and professional issues related to the DNP degree.

  • NUR 63XX Academic Writing and Performing a Literature Review

    This course focuses on the skills and strategies necessary for articulating concepts and ideas in a scholarly manner. In this course, students will perform a comprehensive literature review, analyze research and apply APA format and style rules for citing materials.

  • NUR 63XX Nursing Theory

    This course is designed to provide the knowledge for trends in nursing theory and nursing science in order for the DNP student to understand and apply theory in practice, research, education and leadership. In addition, this course provides an overview of ethical theories and principles and their application to nursing leadership.

  • NUR 63XX Developing the Nurse Leader

    This course serves as an introduction to the role of the nurse leader and the many facets of leadership. This course will examine skills needed to function as a leader and prepare DNP students for their role as nurse leaders.

  • NUR 63XX Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

    This course is designed to provide the foundation for nursing research and evidence-based practice. Topics covered in this course include conceptualizing, planning, designing and conducting studies to generate evidence for nursing. The DNP student will gain the knowledge and skills to systematically research and evaluate current nursing knowledge to promote evidence-based nursing practice.

  • NUR 63XX Health Equity and Nursing

    This course examines existing conditions of health disparities across a range of populations in the United States and discusses ways in which health equity solutions can be designed and implemented. Evidence-based models to help advance health through diversity, inclusion, and social justice will be presented.

  • NUR 63XX Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

    This course discusses quality improvement and patient safety in healthcare with a focus on nursing leadership. This course will explore standards, processes and tools used to enhance quality and safety outcomes in healthcare organizations. Course concepts will include healthcare quality perspectives and understanding the healthcare environment to improve care.

  • NUR 63XX Informatics in Healthcare

    This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of health informatics, its practice, and relevant research on health informatics topics. This course will provide the DNP student with foundational information in health informatics including applications for the delivery of healthcare, safety and analytics, legal and regulatory issues, and future directions of health informatics.

  • NUR 63XX Population Health

    This course provides a description of the many changes in healthcare that affect population-based nursing, describing the role of the nurse in an advanced practice role in mitigating health care disparities, identifying outcomes and implications of global health. Epidemiologic methods and measurement in population-based nursing practice as well as concepts in program design and development will be explored.

  • NUR 63XX Healthcare Policy and Politics for the Nurse Leader

    This course is designed to help DNP students understand current policy related to nursing and healthcare while teaching students skills in influencing policy. Students will use their knowledge and skills to help improve access to quality, affordable health care.

  • NUR 63XX Healthcare Operations: Organizational Theory and Behavior

    This course provides an overview of topics in organizational behavior and organizational theory, designed to prepare the DNP student to understand how and why people and groups behave the way they do in the healthcare organization and effectively influence the behavior of the people they lead in healthcare.

  • NUR 63XX Healthcare System Innovation for Nursing Leaders

    This course presents the future of evidence for innovation and leadership in healthcare: the foundations of culture, systems thinking and performance improvement, and important trends and issues influencing the healthcare environment.

  • NUR 63XX Ethics and Law in Nursing Leadership

    This course focuses on legal and ethical issues facing nurse leaders by exploring legal and ethical dimensions of nursing in order for the DNP student to synthesize ethical and legal concepts required for ethical decision making and legal responsibility as a nurse leader.

  • NUR 63XX Economics of Healthcare

    This course provides an overview of population –based health economics along with the traditional, market-oriented approach to healthcare economics.

  • NUR 63XX Diversity and Inclusiveness in Healthcare Leadership

    This course explores innovations in the Nurse Leader Role necessary for today’s complex leadership model. This course provides an overview how diversity and inclusiveness change healthcare culture and improve team engagement. The knowledge and skills for human-centered leadership and creating a culture of excellent, trust, and self-care will be explored.

  • NUR 63XX Advanced Pathophysiology

    This course provides the DNP student with an understanding of physiology and pathophysiology for an advanced nursing role, focusing on advanced pathophysiology principles and disruptions in normal body functioning.

  • NUR 63XX Advanced Health Assessment

    This course builds upon basic health assessment and focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to perform an advanced comprehensive health assessment, including an in-depth health history, physical psychosocial and cultural assessment skills necessary for nurses in an advanced practice role.

  • NUR 63XX Simulation in Advanced Pathophysiology and Advanced Health Assessment

    This course is designed for the DNP student to apply concepts learned in the Pathophysiology and Physical Assessment courses using digital clinical experiences. The simulation activities provide students an opportunity to provide person-centered care to simulated patients.

  • NUR 63XX Advanced Pharmacology

    This course builds upon student’s current knowledge in order to enhance their understanding of pharmacological concepts and principles and pharmacotherapeutics for health promotion and treatment of common conditions and diseases.

  • NUR 63XX Simulation in Advanced Pharmacology

    This course is designed for the DNP student to apply concepts learned in the Advanced Pharmacology course using digital clinical experiences. The simulation activities provide students an opportunity to provide person-centered care to simulated patients.

  • NUR 63XX Communication and Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Nurse Leaders

    This course prepares the DNP student on communication as a core component of team-based, collaboration across professions with care team members, patients, families, communities and other stakeholders to enhance the healthcare experience and strengthen outcomes.

  • NUR 63XX Transformational Leadership

    This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the visionary nurse leader. This course provides an overview of leadership theories, the nature of leadership, development as nurse leader and the future of leadership for nursing.

  • NUR 63XX DNP Project 1

    This course is a practicum course in which students begin to develop an evidence based DNP project. Students will conceptualize and develop an action plan to address a problem of interest identified in a literature review. The action plan will include problem identification; a search, analysis and synthesis of the literature and evidence, and designing a plan for implementation. Student actions plans will include goals, objectives including a relevant population and evidence-based interventions.

  • NUR 63XX DNP Project 2

    This course is a practicum course in which students will implement their DNP project and evaluate the results. Students submit a scholarly report of the implementation and evaluation of the project and describe their plan for disseminating the results.

  • NUR 63XX DNP Project 3

    This course is a practicum course in which students disseminate their results of their DNP projects. Dissemination of the DNP project may include a final written product that is presented to a defined group of stakeholders, a poster presentation, a manuscript under review and/or submission for publication, an educational presentation or a podcast.