What Does it Look Like to Study Pre-Seminary at Concordia?

The Pre-Seminary minor prepares you to be a missionary, pastor or deaconess by adding Biblical knowledge studies to a liberal arts foundation and a relevant major.

Program Overview

A Pre-Seminary student will discover:

  • Faculty committed to understanding Scripture and guiding students in their study of Scripture
  • Faculty who help students apply Scripture to their lives
  • Liberal arts courses that help the student understand people
  • Majors that further the preparation for service to the church
  • Opportunities to minister to other students and to the community around Concordia

Curriculum Overview for a Pre-Seminary Minor

Concordia's Pre-Seminary minor prepares you to enter seminary, and also prepares you for a successful ministry.

Here are some highlighted courses:

The Practicum Sequence: In these two courses you will get a minimum of 10 hours a week of hands on ministry under the supervision of a professional mentor in the field and weekly course meetings with your peers and professor. This is the course where you get to live out everything you have been learning in your ministry preparation courses.

The Internship Sequence: All students who desire certification at a DCE will complete a year long, full-time, paid internship at various locations around the country and even the globe. We have sent interns coast to coast and to every continent on the planet except for Antarctica!

The Spiritual Disciplines Sequence: These course are designed to be the first and last courses you take during your time at Concordia. Spiritual Disciplines I will focus on the transition to college student and how one can remain spiritually focused during the college experience and Spiritual Disciplines II focuses on the transition from college life to the “real world” and how to be spiritually disciplined when real life settles in.

Program Benefits

  • Opportunities to minister to other students and to the community around Concordia
  • Bridge theology with philosophy
  • Hands-on learning
  • Small class sizes

Career Outcomes

  • Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Missionary


Why should I study Pre-Seminary?

Small class sizes and one-on-one relationships with your professors allow Pre-Seminary students to obtain plenty of experiences outside the classroom that will stand out on seminary applications.

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