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Lutheran Teacher Colloquy

Welcome to the Teacher Colloquy Program of Concordia University Texas. You have chosen to devote your life to the care and education of God's children and for that you are to be commended. The Teacher Colloquy Program can provide the opportunity to better prepare yourself to fulfill your mission and strengthen your service to your church and school.

The Teacher Colloquy Program can be completed by taking courses here at Concordia Texas or online through CUEnet. The online program is offered on behalf of the Concordia colleges and universities to teachers in Lutheran schools who have not had previous opportunity to study Lutheran doctrine and religion courses at a collegiate level. It is the intent of the program to enrich your spiritual and professional life so that you can infuse sound doctrine in the work you do with your school's children and families.

Request More Information

You can also find more information at or by calling (800) 238-3037.

Mission of the Colloquy Program

To provide an education in the basics of Lutheranism to ensure teachers in the Lutheran School System understand the theological underpinnings of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and thereby function more effectively as a teacher in the classroom within the Lutheran system.


Those teachers seeking enrollment on the Minister of religion (Commissioned) roster of the LCMS typically undertake eight classes.

These courses are designed to immerse the participants in the course material presented to students in the various Concordia's of the Concordia University System, and these modules afford students the opportunity to build on whatever knowledge they may have already acquired in the subject areas.

The eight courses of the Colloquy program are the following:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • History of Theology and the Church
  • Lutheran Confessions
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Varieties of Belief
  • The Lutheran Teacher I
  • The Lutheran Teacher II

CUEnet for Distance Learners

Concordia University Texas offers the Colloquy Program only on campus. All other students must register for the online Colloquy Program through CUEnet.