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Lutheran Teacher Diploma Program

In order to graduate with a Lutheran Teacher Diploma (LTD) and become eligible for a Call in a Lutheran school, or another LCMS calling entity, the student must do the following:

  1. Complete an approved Teacher Education Program that meets state certification requirements.
  2. Be a member of a congregation of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.
  3. Complete 17 semester hours of Lutheran Teacher Diploma required courses. These are listed below. All hours must be completed prior to the Professional Semester with a GPA of 2.50 or better in all hours attempted.
  4. Successfully complete at least 7 weeks of the student teaching semester in an appropriate accredited/approved Lutheran school.
  5. Be declared eligible and receive the recommendation of the Concordia University Texas faculty.

Lutheran Teacher Diploma Courses

Students preparing for the teaching ministry in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod are required to complete the following (6 of these credit hours may be used to fulfill Common Experience requirements):

  • EDU 3261 Vocation of the Christian Educator
  • EDU 3333 Teaching Religion
  • REL 1301 New Testament History and Reading
  • REL 1311 History and Literature of the Old Testament
  • REL 2352 History and Philosophy of the Reformation or REL 3342 Lutheran Confessions
  • REL 3341 Lutheran Doctrine

Lutheran Career Opportunities

There is currently a shortage of teachers who are eligible to receive calls for service in our Lutheran schools. Over 125 calling entities contact Concordia University Texas each year regarding about 175 available positions. It would be thrilling to be able to provide each of these schools with a qualified candidate.

Graduates with a Lutheran Teacher Diploma (LTD) from Concordia are eligible to receive a call in any school associated with The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. There are nearly 1400 early childhood centers, over 1000 elementary schools, and more than 100 high schools within the system.

Lutheran Teacher Call System

Upon completion of the Lutheran Teacher education program, students will receive a Lutheran Teacher Diploma (LTD). The LTD makes the student eligible to receive a call and enter into the public ministry of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod (LCMS). Graduates placed in their first assignment are eligible to become ministers of religion--commissioned of the LCMS.

A call is extended by a single congregation, a group of congregations, a recognized service organization, a synodical board, a district board, or any other entity that has the authority to extend a solemn call.

Students are placed into their first called position through procedures that culminate in the final year before graduation. A congregation, or other calling entity, with open positions will contact the Director of Placement regarding available candidates. The Director of Placement will work with the students and the calling entities throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lutheran Teacher Diploma (LTD), is granted upon graduation to all students who have successfully completed a course of study designed to help them become effective teachers in a Lutheran school. Those who graduate with an LTD are eligible to receive a call to teach in a Lutheran school and to apply to be on the minister of religion--commissioned roster of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.

The LCMS minister of religion--commissioned roster is a list of non-ordained church workers who have received their first call or subsequent calls from a calling entity. The following steps are needed to get on this roster of Synod:

  1. Be declared qualified and recommended for a first call by a synodical college or university.
  2. Be assigned a first call through the placement process.
  3. Sign a statement that acknowledges subscription to the Constitution of Synod.
  4. A minister of religion--commissioned is eligible to be called to any other congregational, district, or synodical position requiring the person to hold the status of a minister of religion--commissioned.

All commissioned ministers on the roster of the Synod who serve a legitimate calling entity are considered by the Synod and the Internal Revenue Service to be called and self-employed. They are eligible for certain tax benefits such as housing allowance, but must pay self-employment tax.

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