Concordia Connect 3+1

The Concordia Connect 3+1 Partnership between Concordia University Texas and Austin Community College will help students complete their transition from an AAS degree to a BAAS degree, simply and affordably.


How It Works

Participating students will complete an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree at ACC and a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree taught by visiting Concordia professors. This gives students the opportunity to pursue a four-year degree from a private institution while remaining at ACC.

  •   Year 1 and 2: Complete AAS degree at ACC (60 credits)

  •   Year 3: Become a Concordia student and complete general studies course at ACC to fill the Concordia Core Curriculum (27 credits)

  • Concordia Common Experience - ACC Equivalent Courses (Year 3)

    General education and liberal arts courses to become Texas core complete - 27 semester credit hours.

    ACC Course SCH Needed CTX Course
    ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3 ENG 1316 Academic Research and Writing
    ENGL 1302 English Composition II 3 ENG 1317 Introduction to Literature
    MATH 1314 College Algebra 3 MTH 1351 College Algebra
    HIS 1301/1302 3 HIS 1301/1302
    PSYC 2301/SOCI 1301/ ANTH 2351 3 PSY 1311/SOC 1301/ANT 1301
    GOVT 2305 3 POLS 1303
    ACCT 2301 Principles of Accounting I - Financial 3 ACC 2301 Financial Accounting
    BUSI 1301 Business Principles 3 BADM 1201 Introduction to Business
    ARTS 1301/1303/1304, DRAM 1310+ 3 ART 1303/1304/1305, THEA 2322
    BIOL 1408/1409/ 1413/1411/CHEM 1411 4 BIO 1404/1402/2403/ CHEM1401
    KINE (any) 3 KIN
    SPCH 1311/1315 3 COM 1300
  •   Year 4: Take Concordia classes taught by Concordia professors at either ACC, the Concordia Main Campus, or Online (37 credits)

  • Concordia Distinctive Courses (Year 4)

    Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Major: Applied Business - 37 credit hours, 28 upper-level semester credit hours.

    Semester 1 SCH Semester 2 SCH Semester 3 SCH
    LDR 1100 - Life and Leadership/LOR 2201 - Leadership Theory and Practice 3 BADM 3310 - Leadership and Business 3 BADM 4370 - Business Ethics 3
    REL 1301 - New Testament 3 REL 1302 - Old Testament 3 BADM 4380 - Spirituality in the Workplace 3
    BADM 3311 - Principles of Management 3 BADM 3375 - Negotiations and Conflict Management 3 BADM 3312 - Small Business Management 3
    BADM 3350 - Principles of Marketing 3 BADM 3313 - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Change 3 BADM 3351 - Selling and Sales Management 3
            BADM 4100 - Professional Launch 1

Accessible, Affordable, Attainable

Students pay ACC tuition while they complete their AAS and become Concordia Core Complete. Students then pay Concordia tuition for the final year of the program. Students are eligible for financial aid for the entirety of their time in school.

  •   Flexibility: Classes in the final year of the program will be offered in an accelerated format with options for daytime, nighttime and weekends

  •   Dual Resources: Students have access to facilities, faculty, tutoring, advising, libraries and other resources from both institutions

  •   Outcome-Driven: The combination of skills learned at ACC and CTX will put students on the right path toward life-changing experiences that will lead to meaningful work

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Admission Requirements

  •   ACC transcript with completed AAS degree

  •   Transcripts from any other college or university attended

  •   $150 non-refundable deposit


Application Steps

Applying to Concordia University Texas is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. 1. Apply online

  2. 2. Submit your official ACC transcript along with any other transcripts after completing AAS degree

  3. 3. Receive your admission decision within one week!

"As a transfer student, I appreciate Concordia’s smaller class sizes and authentic care for the student. Professors check in and make sure you understand the material, and their office doors are almost always open. The difference at Concordia is that here I feel like I am appreciated and cared for far more than I could have imagined, not just by friends or family, but by the university."

Dante Pronsati, Current Student

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