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BAAS in Applied Business

What Does It Look Like To Study Applied Business at Concordia?

The Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) at Concordia University Texas is the next step toward advancing in your career. In addition to the expertise you already possess, you will gain a broader understanding of how to better lead and manage your business and your team. You will develop the skills and understanding needed for today's work environment, such as implementing the latest business technology, increasing sales margins, and improving project management.

Program Overview

There are two paths through which students can earn a BAAS from Concordia University Texas: Concordia Connect 3+1 or as a non-traditional student.

  • BAAS Program

    Classes are taken with other professionals who bring their own experience to the discussion and dialogue. As the instructor guides the learning process, you will draw on one another's expertise, challenging you to think deeply and strategically as you develop management skills and then use them the next day in your work environment.

    Concordia faculty in the College of Business are professionals themselves; they work and serve in the community and bring their expertise to the classroom. Being both academically and professionally qualified is important because we want students to learn deeply and practice completely the knowledge and skills needed for growth and success.

    IncubatorCTX, an entrepreneurial hub for Northwest Austin entrepreneurs, is one of the excellent resources of which Applied Business students can take advantage.

  • Concordia Connect 3+1

    The Concordia Connect 3+1 program between Concordia University Texas and Austin Community College is designed for ACC students who need access to more financial aid to continue their studies. The program enables qualifying students to transition from an associate degree to a bachelor's degree, simply and affordably.

    Years 1 and 2

    Complete ANY Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree at ACC (60 credits).

    Year 3

    Become a Concordia student and complete general education courses and college-level electives at ACC to fulfill Concordia Core Curriculum and bring college-level credits up to 87 total credit hours (27 credits).

    Year 4

    Finish final year at Concordia or online with Concordia instructors and courses (37 credits).

    Participating students pay ACC's rates of tuition for the first three years of the program and Concordia's Adult Degree Program rates of tuition for the final year.

    Learn more about the Concordia Connect 3+1 program

Curriculum Overview for an Applied Business Degree

Classes encourage teamwork to help you learn and practice leadership skills. Our graduates are set apart because they possess the ability to:

  • Understand others.
  • Work together.
  • Produce a quality finished product.
  • Think and develop new ideas.

Here are some highlighted courses:

Project Management: This course emphasizes project management skills involved in work planning, control and evaluation to achieve objectives for both simple and complex projects. The course will give students hands-on experience; they will establish their own project, plan out all aspects of it, run the entire project and then objectively critique the performance of themselves and their peers.

Negotiations & Conflict Resolution: This course introduces students to the theory and practice of negotiation specific to business. The course focuses on understanding the behavior of individuals, groups, cultures and organizations in the context of competitive situations. Students will develop analytical and interpersonal skills necessary for successful negotiations. Business-relevant cases and situations will be used.

Program Benefits

  • Professors with real-world experience
  • Small class sizes
  • Emphasis on teamwork

Career Outcomes

  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Promotions Coordinator
  • Sales Manager
  • Small Business Owner


  • Why study Applied Business at Concordia?
    • Accommodations to meet needs of working adults
    • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention
    • Experienced professors
    • Learn from peers

Meet the College of Business & Communication Faculty