10 Unique Jobs to Pursue with a degree in Communication

July 13, 2023 by Jaden Haynes
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There are numerous intriguing employment options available to those who major in communications. The communication profession is broad and dynamic, providing a wide range of job choices that suit different interests and skill sets.

A communications degree can open the door to a rewarding and fruitful career regardless of your interests in writing, public speaking, digital media, or strategic message.

Accelerate Your Journey with Concordia University Texas

In this blog article, we'll look at ten interesting fields that communications majors can pursue while showing how Concordia University Texas's communication department can accelerate your path to these fulfilling professions.

1. Public Relations Specialist:

As a public relations specialist, you'll work to shape and maintain a positive public image for individuals, organizations, or brands. You'll be responsible for crafting press releases, managing media relations, organizing events, and implementing strategic communication campaigns. Concordia University Texas's communication program offers courses that equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

2. Corporate Communications Manager:

In this role, you'll be responsible for developing and implementing a company's internal and external communication strategies. You'll manage employee communications, coordinate public announcements, and oversee crisis management. The communication program at Concordia University Texas provides a comprehensive understanding of corporate communications and prepares students to navigate the complexities of this role.

3. Social Media Manager:

With the rise of social media platforms, businesses and organizations rely heavily on social media managers to create engaging content, manage online communities, and enhance brand presence. Concordia University Texas's communication program offers courses on social media strategy, content creation, and analytics, providing students with the skills to excel in this rapidly evolving field.

4. Digital Marketing Specialist:

Digital marketing encompasses various communication channels, including email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing. You'll develop and implement strategies to promote products or services online as a digital marketing specialist. Concordia University Texas's communication program offers coursework that explores the intersection of communication and digital marketing, preparing students to thrive in this in-demand role.



5. Event Planner:

Event planners are responsible for organizing and coordinating various events, from corporate conferences to weddings. Effective communication is vital in this role to ensure seamless coordination with vendors, clients, and attendees. Concordia University Texas's communication program equips students with essential skills such as negotiation, budgeting, and project management, making it an excellent foundation for a career in event planning.

6. Content Writer/Copywriter:

If you have a flair for writing, pursuing a career as a content writer or copywriter can be a great fit. You'll create compelling and persuasive content for websites, advertisements, and marketing campaigns. Concordia University Texas's communication program offers courses that focus on developing strong writing skills and understanding persuasive messaging techniques, enhancing your writing abilities.

7. Media Planner:

Media planners work closely with advertising agencies to develop strategic plans for media campaigns. They identify target audiences, research media channels, and allocate budgets effectively. Concordia University Texas's communication program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of media planning, including market research, audience analysis, and media buying strategies.

8. Broadcast Journalist:

For those passionate about news and current affairs, a career as a broadcast journalist can be incredibly rewarding. As a journalist, you'll report on stories, conduct interviews, and present information to the public through television or radio. Concordia University Texas's communication program offers courses that emphasize journalism ethics, news writing, and multimedia storytelling, preparing students for a successful career in broadcasting.

9. Political Campaign Manager:

Political campaign managers are crucial in organizing and implementing communication strategies during political campaigns. They are responsible for messaging, public appearances, and managing volunteers. Concordia University Texas's communication program equips students with strategic messaging, campaign management, and political communication skills, making it an ideal choice for aspiring political campaign managers.

10. Market Research Analyst:

Market research analysts help businesses make informed decisions by collecting and analyzing data about consumer behavior, market trends, and competitors. They then communicate their findings to key stakeholders. Concordia University Texas's communication program offers coursework that introduces students to market research methodologies, data analysis techniques, and effective reporting, setting them up for success in this analytical and communication-driven role.

A communications degree opens up a world of possibilities, and Concordia University Texas's communication program provides an excellent foundation for pursuing a variety ofvarious unique and rewarding careers. Whether you aspire to be a public relations specialist, social media manager, event planner, or any other communication-related professional, the program's comprehensive coursework and practical experiences will accelerate your journey toward success. So, embark on this exciting path, hone your communication skills, and unlock a world of possibilities with a degree in communication from Concordia University Texas.

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