What Does it Look Like to Study Communication at Concordia?

The mission of the Communication Major at Concordia University is to develop:

  • Effective public speakers
  • Versatile cross-medium writers
  • Competent technology users
  • Healthy relationship partners

To meet this mission we offer two concentrations:

  1. Public Relations and Advertising
  2. Interpersonal Communication

Program Overview

We help students prepare for communication careers through hands-on learning via our radio shows, speech contests and on-campus PR groups and projects.

While our distinction as a program is embedded in all our classes, Concordia's Lutheran ethos is featured directly in courses like Communication and the Church, and Cinema and Religion. The faculty help students develop eloquent and articulate messages in written, verbal and visual form while being sensitive to particular audiences, message construction and intended impact.

Curriculum Overview for a Communication Degree

We are fortunate to have such small classes, so every course provides a very personal experience for our students. In addition to cultivating a strong relationship with our Communication faculty through these small classroom sizes, students feel that our unique projects and environments complement their learning experience.

All students complete a 150+ hour internship. Many students enjoy this real-world application of their coursework so much, they take on additional internships, which we welcome.

Here are some highlighted courses:

Interpersonal Relationships: Investigate into the communication and psychology of family dynamics, friendships and romantic partners. One goal of this course will be to understand our own relationships and seek to improve them.

Integrated Marketing & Communications: This course studies all elements of promotion and integrated marketing communications. Students gain knowledge of the major promotion and communication tools organizations use, how promotion is planned, budgeted and used in the marketing program, and how to analyze promotion alternatives as they relate to the organization's marketing objectives and market segments served.

Program Benefits

  • We have a Radio Lab dedicated to our Communication Majors
  • Students regularly go out into the community to complete Service Learning projects for classes
  • We bring guest speakers to campus to enrich our education and ensure we are offering a cutting-edge degree

Success Stories

"I studied Interpersonal Communication at Concordia because I wanted to know what to think about people, but more than that the program taught me how to think and better care for those around me. This program prepared me well for two years of interacting with prospective and incoming students at CTX as a counselor, and now as a salesman in downtown Austin."
- Sean Richards, Class of 2014

"I went to Concordia to experience the small class sizes and personal interaction with my classmates and professors. As a result of my experiences at CTX, I am able to take the skills from the classroom and apply them in my role as a Digital Marketing Strategist for my clients. Concordia gave me all the opportunities of a larger university, with the personal interaction."
- Anthony Rodriguez, Class of 2017

Career Outcomes

  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Hospitality Communications Position
  • School Counselor
  • Political Campaign Coordinator
  • Grant Writer
  • Community Affairs Liaison
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • College Admissions Representative
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Product Communications Specialist
  • Development Director


Why study Communication?

Creating strong oral and written messages, managing your image, researching, analyzing and solving problems and learning how to deal with others are skills needed no matter what your profession.

What can I specialize in as a Communication major? 

We offer concentrations in Interpersonal Communications and Public Relations and Advertising.

  Meet our Business and Communication Faculty

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