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19 Random Life Hacks Every College Student Needs to Know

April 22, 2021
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Concordia University Texas is committed to supporting students in every part of their life-changing adventure in college. We've compiled 19 random tips that will help you thrive as you work toward your degree.

1. Cross Out Words

If you've written private information in your notes that you don't want others to see, such as your banner ID, cross the words out more effectively by writing random words and letters over the content you want to cover.

This is much more effective than just scribbling over them.

2. Impromptu Phone Stand

If you're watching a video or reading something on your phone, use your sunglasses for an impromptu phone stand.

Flip the glasses over and balance your phone between the lenses and the temples (the long arms that rest on your ears).

3. Networking Tip

When you receive a business card from someone, take a picture of it just in case you lose the card.

4. Beat the Snooze

If you have difficulty waking up to your smartphone's alarm, put your phone in a clean bowl or glass, which will amplify the volume.

5. Expand Your Closet

If you're short on space in the dorm, take the tab off of a soda can to double your space.

Place one end of the tab on the hanger that sits on the clothing rod, and hang another item of clothing on the empty part of the tab.

6. The Key to Cleanliness

Use the sticky part of a Post-It note to clean your keyboard. Run the sticky side between the keys to pick up dust and crumbs.

7. Picture This

Take a picture of something you're trying to memorize (e.g., periodic table, list of facts, etc.) and set it as the wallpaper for your phone's lock screen or your computer's desktop.

The more you see the information, the quicker you will be able to memorize it.

8. Maximize Free Resources

Make sure to make the most of the free resources your college offers.

Concordia University Texas offers students a variety of free resources to support them in their journey, including the Academic Support Center. Here, you'll find free tutoring, accommodations for learning disabilities and three skill-specific centers: the Math Center, Speaking Center and Writing Center.

9. Make Your Student Discount Count

Keep your student ID with you when you leave campus. Many places offer college students discounts, including the restaurants and movie theater across the street from campus!

Check out these local discounts for CTX students.

10. Tires

If your tire pressure warning light comes on in your car, drive to a Discount Tires store. They offer free air pressure checks.

11. Message Redo

If you leave a message on someone's voicemail but mess it up, press "3." It will erase the message and allow you to record a new one.

12. Pen Swap

Tired of having your pens taken? Put a black or blue ink cartridge in a red pen. People are much less likely to take a red pen.

13. Tab Recovery

If you accidentally close a tab in your browser, hold "Ctrl," "Shift" and "T." The tab will reopen.

The same trick works if you closed out of the entire browser. Reopen the browser and press the same keys.

14. Crisp Collar

If you need to iron the collar on a shirt but don't have an iron, use a hair straightener.

15. Textbook Check

Many courses require students to purchase textbooks that come with digital access codes to access online course content. If you don't purchase your books from the University bookstore, make sure the textbooks you purchase include these codes.

Otherwise, you'll likely have to pay more to purchase the access code separately from the textbook.

At Concordia University Texas, students are automatically enrolled in Tornado Textbooks. The Concordia Bookstore provides all of your required books — including digital access codes — for rental at $25 per credit hour.

16. Highlight of the Hacks

If you want to remove highlighter marks from pages in a book, use lemon juice.

Rub lemon juice on a cotton swab, then run the swab over the highlighted text. The color will fade.

17. The Key to Organization

Do you have to carry a lot of keys with you? From the key to your car to the key to the door of your home, they can add up quickly.

Easily identifying which key goes where can be difficult. Simplify it!

Paint both sides of each key's handle with a unique color to help you instantly recognize which key you need without fumbling through all of them.

18. Permanent Solution

If you accidentally use a permanent marker on a white board, don't worry

Color over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker. You should then be able to wipe away the marks with a cloth.

19. Prepaid Protection

If you want to start a free trial for something online but don't want to use your debit or credit card, purchase a prepaid gift card.

Only the amount on the prepaid gift card can be charged, protecting your checking/savings account.