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Tornado Textbooks

Quote from a current CTX student: "The book fee I was charged with tuition is $150.00. The price of all my books from the bookstore would have been $323.70. I definitely benefited using the program."

New Bookstore FAQs

How does this program work?

The Concordia Bookstore will provide all of your required books for rental at $25 per credit hour. If you take 15 hours, you will be charged $375. You are automatically enrolled, it is that easy.

What is excluded?

Nursing and Art supplies that are used from year to year are not included. These supplies are sold at cost, however, to minimize your expenses.

Does this include Access Codes like Thinkwell or Connect?

Absolutely! These single use codes drive up your textbook expenses and we insisted these be included in the $25 fee.

This seems like it will cost more, how does this save me money?

By offering a fixed fee, your prices are constant. An average student will save approx. 35% per year. Depending on how many books and access codes a student has, some students were paying over $1,000 per year. This new system is significantly less expensive. Additionally, since this is a fee, you will not pay any taxes, saving 8.25%

Can I use financial aid to pay for this program?

Yes! If you qualify for financial aid it can go towards this fee, in the same way it pays for any other course fee.

Can I pay for this program using a payment plan?

Yes, this will be a part of your tuition and fees. So it can be rolled into your payment plan.

Do I have to participate in this program?

No, there will be a way for you to opt out of the program, however, you will be required to have your books on the first day of class.

Can I opt out of just one class?

No. The program is semester by semester. You can opt out for an entire semester or not. You cannot opt out of specific courses.

What if my course doesn’t require any books?

If your course does not require any books, you will not be charged a fee for that course.

What if I want to keep my book at the end of the course?

You can! You can pay the difference for the cost of the book. For example, if the book cost $100, your $75 rental fee has gone toward that cost and you would pay an additional $25 to keep the book.

What if I lost my book?

You will be required to pay for any books you do not return.

How much are textbook fines if I don’t return my book on time?

Textbooks not returned by the due date are fined $10.00 per book. Note: Unresolved textbook fees must be paid to the campus bookstore before you can register for a subsequent term.

I like to highlight in my books, is that allowed?

The books must be usable again. Highlighting is fine. Chewed, waterlogged, illegible books are not.

Are e-books an option?

Yes, if the publisher offers them.

What if I have special accommodations for text books?

We will still provide accommodations through the Office of Disability Services.

What are the other benefits of this program?

There are no surprises. You get the right books delivered a week before classes without you having to do anything. You are prepared for the first day of class without the hassles.

What if I add or change a class?

The bookstore gets daily reports so the change will be noted, new books shipped and you will have them within two business days via FedEx or at the campus store. You will be provided with a shipping label to return the books you don’t need.

How do I return my books?

Shipping is included in the fee. Simply return the books to the campus store or ship them back with a prepaid FedEx shipping label.

Why is this important?

On the first day of class, you have an “A”, you have not lost a single point. Having your books on the first day helps you keep that “A” since you are prepared to learn.

How do I opt out?

Contact Student Central at to opt out. Students must opt out from the textbook program every semester.

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