2019 CTX Service Awards

May 13, 2019
2019 Service Awards Celebration

In May 2019, Concordia University Texas faculty and staff gathered in the Chapel to recognize recipients of the 2019 service awards.

To begin the celebration, Dr. Kristi Kirk was recognized for completing the Lutheran Teaching Colloquy and becoming a minister of the Gospel.

Faculty Awards

Faculty from different colleges were celebrated for their recent achievements.

  • 2019 Martin J. Neeb Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Joanne Antrim, associate professor of education and coordinator of advanced literacy
  • Otto W. & Norma L. Shafer Endowment Chair for Literature: Professor Jo McIntosh, English instructor
  • Scholarship Award: Dr. Jen Hofmann, assistant professor of biology and chair of biology program
  • Advancements: Professor Jeffrey Utzinger and Dr. Allen Brown both advanced from assistant professor to associate professor
  • Faculty Member Emeritas: Dr. Claudia Teinert and Dr. Kathy Lauchner

Faculty and Staff Anniversary Awards

We celebrated ten faculty and staff members who have been at CTX for five years.

  • Kim Akalski
  • Trey Buchanan
  • Dr. Greta Degen
  • Professor Christopher Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Kelly Gordon
  • Joyce Kulhanek
  • Dr. Kathy Lauchner
  • Professor Lee Pilz
  • Coach Rachel Reekstin
  • Dr. Elena Skouratova

Seven faculty and staff members were recognized for serving at CTX for ten and fifteen years.

  • Tony Brown
  • Dr. Lynette Gillis
  • Lallie Greinert
  • Andrea McDonald
  • KC Pospisil
  • Dr. Jim McConnell
  • Coach Stan Bonewitz

Five faculty and staff members have served CTX for 20 years or more. They include:

  • Dr. Patricia Burnham (20 years)
  • Dr. Joel Heck (20 years)
  • Dr. Thomas Pate (20 years)
  • Pamela Siegrist (30 years)
  • Cathy Horn (35 years)

Dr. Don Christian introduced the Living Our Values (LOV) Awards for the first time, recognizing six people at CTX who exemplify the University’s core values.

  • Christ-centered: Mikail McIntosh-Doty
  • Caring for People: Sally Mercer
  • Vocation: Dr. Chris Winkler
  • Lifelong Learning: Professor Anthony Ross
  • Courage: Meghann Bolton
  • Trust: Tracey Officer

We congratulate our faculty and staff on their awards and recognition, and we thank every member of faculty and staff for serving Concordia University Texas so well. As Dr. Christian put it, “We follow the Way, and the Way is Jesus Christ.”

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