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CARES Act Funding to Students

May 15, 2020

Dear CTX community,

We are excited to update you on distributing CARES Act funding to students. As you may know, the U.S. Department of Education – through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act – awarded grants to colleges and universities across the country to lessen the burden of campus disruptions caused by COVID-19.

CTX was awarded $1,512,530. Half of the award ($756,265) will be spent on direct cash grants to students. The second half will be spent on operational costs directly related to campus disruption.

A CARES Act committee comprising the CTX Dean of Students, Director of Student Financial Services, Director of Student Financial Planning, Senior Accountant, and Director of Foundation and Government Relations developed a process to distribute grants to students as soon as possible.

Students who are eligible for CARES Act funding will be notified before 5 p.m. on Monday, May 18 via their student email. In order to distribute funds as quickly as possible to eligible students, we are asking students to input or update their direct deposit information through their MyInfo account by Friday, May 22, 2020. Instructions on how to do so are located online.

Funding distributed under the CARES Act requires that these funds be used expressly to offset costs related to the disruption to students’ education in the Spring 2020 semester. Items that can be covered by these funds can include food, housing, course materials, technology needs, health care, and child care.

Students in three groups deemed most vulnerable and hardest impacted by campus disruptions will receive automatic cash grants (and do not need to apply online for funding):

  • Students who received Pell grants during the Spring 2020 semester will receive $1,000.
  • Students (non-Pell-recipients) who lived on campus during the Spring 2020 semester and were displaced due to COVID-19 will receive $800.
  • Students (non-Pell-recipients) who lived off-campus but had a campus meal plan during the Spring 2020 semester that was canceled due to COVID-19 will receive $500.

Eligible students who fall outside of these three categories and experienced a financial burden due to campus disruptions related to COVID-19 can receive grants up to $500 until funds are exhausted. Please visit our application here to apply: CARES ACT Application

Students impacted How many eligible students in this category? How much will each student receive? How will students receive funds? How much funding total distributed?
Pell Grant recipients 436 $1,000 Direct deposit by May 29, or check mailed on this date. $436,000
Non-Pell, lived on campus with meal plan 134 $800 Direct deposit by May 29, or check mailed on this date. $107,200
Non-Pell, commuter meal plan 31 $500 Direct deposit by May 29, or check mailed on this date. $15,500
Additional eligible students 1,235 Up to $500 Apply online; funds distributed weekly until exhausted. $197,565
TOTAL 1,836     $756,265


For additional information and updates about CTX CARES Act funding, including student eligibility criteria and timelines, please visit our CTX CARES Act general information page: CARES Act Funding

Please remember that CTX students who aren’t eligible for CARES Act funding are encouraged to complete the university’s COVID-19 Resource Request Form.


Martha Compton
Dean of Students