CTX Alumnus Launches Austin’s First Virtual Closet Service

January 10, 2019

Singlebox, an Austin start-up that offers virtual closet services, eliminating hefty monthly storage bills and the dreaded trip to the storage unit, was launched July of 2018 by Concordia University graduate Tristan Tully.

“Singlebox was born out of a desire to live in a more simplified, organized environment,” said Tristan Tully, founder of Singlebox.

“Everyone has those last few boxes they can never unpack or get rid of. Singlebox allows you to have a clutter-free lifestyle and access to the items that you already own, on demand.”

The Concordia Difference

Tully described his undergraduate experience at Concordia as very rich.

“I came to Concordia in 2013 as a Business major, not being a diehard business person, but knowing everyone has to deal with money,” Tully said. “Business is really in my blood, though. My parents are both entrepreneurs, and I’m very creative and love brainstorming.”

While applying for schools, Tully felt strongly that God was leading him to apply to Concordia. He immediately felt at home here.

“I don’t recognize the boy I was, after the man I have become, since coming to Concordia,” he said. “Concordia teaches you how to learn, how to meet people, how to fail forward, not backward, and equips you to become a lifelong learner. At Concordia, they teach you how to learn, not just what to learn. Learning how to learn isn’t just a temporary asset, it’s an investment.”

Tully was an engaged Tornado who was involved in intramurals and was a member of entrepreneur club. He was also a dedicated student.

“As a student, I developed a habit of writing everything down,” he said. “I have a list of about 40 other business ideas. At Concordia they taught us that everyone has a great idea and to get moving on an idea as soon as possible.”

So he did. Shortly after graduation, a conversation with a friend gave him the business epiphany that he needed, and Singlebox was born. Tully's idea took off fast.

The Mission of Defeating Clutter

Singlebox’s concept is simple. Clients go to, order boxes and pack those boxes once they arrive. After they schedule a pickup, Singlebox will store their boxes in a virtual closet. When the client needs their items, they simply login and request a specific box or all of their boxes to be returned.

Since Singlebox does all the drop off and pickup, users don’t have to procrastinate a trip to their unit or spend a day searching aimlessly through a messy storage garage. You can check your personal virtual closet to jog your memory of which items you have stored and request them back anytime.

“We feel that home is a special place that needs clarity,” Tully said. “We help achieve that clarity by providing the boxes.”

Tully said clients store things such as holiday decorations, family keepsakes and their off-season wardrobes. The boxes are in a climate-controlled and secure local environment.

“Singlebox is new and feisty, we own our turf and go out and hit the pavement to tell people about us,” he said.

In the future, Tully said they might expand their reach to other Texas cities.

“After we have really owned our Austin turf, we will expand our services to help more people declutter their lives, their offices and their homes.”

He advises anyone with a great idea to stop putting it off.

“Never listen to someone who tells you to wait to start something,” Tully said.

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