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Get to know Dr. Bindu George, Computer Science Program and Department Chair at Concordia University Texas

May 08, 2024
Concordia University Texas student working in a computer lab

Concordia Texas’s Computer Science Program

The Computer Science Program at Concordia Texas will equip students with the skills to thrive in the Information Technology industry and pursue their passions all while receiving support from our tight-knit community of faculty. Our flexible program offers a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts to best fit your career goals (the Bachelor of Arts program can be taken online too).

Learn More about Concordia Texas Computer Science

Expect to learn from expert faculty, most of whom are currently working in the Information Technology field while teaching; one of our faculty members is even working in Cyber Security for the White House! Dr. Bindu George leads our team of experienced faculty as the Program Chair and has experience in the IT field from working in Information Technology for the Department of Justice to her PhD work specializing in Information Technology. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and guiding students in finding their calling.


Discover how a Computer Science degree from Concordia University Texas can help you unlock your potential, develop practical skills, and explore the transformative world of technology.


Meet Our Computer Science Program Chair

Dr. Bindu George in the classroom

Dr. George received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and received her Master of Computer Science from the University of Texas El Paso. As she earned her Master’s degree, Dr. George got her teacher’s certification and started teaching Career and Technology for El Paso ISD. She quickly found that she had a strong passion for teaching, in fact, after she started working full-time in the IT field, she continued teaching part-time at the university level.

Concordia Texas Computer Science Program

With a variety of IT experience under her belt, Dr. George went on to achieve her PhD in Information Technology in 2018. Her experiences truly came full circle as she joined Concordia University Texas as our Computer Science Department Chair to continue her passion for teaching and Computer Science. Dr. George is excited to share her background and everything she’s learned. One of her favorite courses to teach is Intro to Computer Science 1401, so she can get to know students who are new to the program. She loves guiding students in learning more about the opportunities available within Computer Science. “Go for what you want to become, for what you want to do in life,” she says as she describes her work in and out of the classroom.

Dr. George believes the world of computer science is vast, and the tech industry is always evolving, which opens doors to new opportunities for our students, especially those who may not know what career path they want to take. With dedication and hard work, they can achieve their goals in this exciting field leading to not only professional success but also personal growth and fulfillment.

Find Your Calling in Concordia Texas’s Computer Science Program

No matter if you start our program knowing exactly what you want to do or no idea, we will guide you in finding the career path that best fits your strengths and interests. Our faculty members are very intentional in building relationships with their students so they can provide personalized guidance.

There are also so many opportunities to start building your Computer Science network. With our community of faculty and the exposure students will receive from companies that work closely with the Concordia Texas Computer Science Program, such as Astec Cyber Security and Amazon, students will be set up for success. We place importance on supporting students throughout their time in our program to prepare them for a successful and meaningful career. Between our faculty, current students, and staff, you will feel encouraged and empowered to be yourself and find your calling in the Computer Science field here at Concordia Texas.


Now that you know a bit more about what to look for when choosing a computer science program, it’s time to take the next step. If you’re looking to make your mark in the cutting-edge world of tech as a computer science professional, you can find what you need with the flexible, personal, and interdisciplinary degree options at Concordia University Texas.

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