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HOPZERO Releases Revolutionary Internet Security Solution

May 03, 2019
Hopzero Team at CTX Incubator

HOPZERO is an internet security company headquartered in IncubatorCTX.

As one of the first member companies of IncubatorCTX, HOPZERO has strong ties to Concordia. Co-founder Ben Haley is a CTX alumnus, graduating with his MBA in 2012. Additionally, the company partnered with online MBA students to conduct a market research study of the enterprise security industry.

On March 28, 2019, HOPZERO announced the release of its revolutionary flagship product, HopSphere Radius Security.

The new cloud-based product addresses the seemingly unstoppable data breach pandemic by limiting how far data can travel. HopSphere Radius Security uses the organization’s existing security and network infrastructure to establish “spheres of trust” that limit data accessibility.

The Problem

Current internet security solutions are typically expensive and complex, without providing total data protection. Security breaches impact businesses, organizations, government agencies and other entities who store sensitive information.

Microsoft estimates that hackers reside in networks before detection for an average of 146 days. McAfee estimates that an average of 785,000 records are lost to hacking each day. So far, no solution has been able to complete prevent hacking. But HOPZERO is working to change that.

The Solution

“Our product acts as a virtual leash, preventing critical data from going too far,” Haley explained. “While firewalls work to keep people out, our technology keeps that valuable data in.”

The SaaS (software as a service) solution is designed for data owners and information security managers. Essentially, the method is to reduce data travel distances, which results in fewer reachable devices. With fewer reachable devices, the potential attack surface shrinks.

Why is this so revolutionary? This security solution is the first of its kind, approaching data security from a completely new perspective. “Unlike anything available today, this method represents a whole new way of implementing security to safeguard valuable assets,” HOPZERO co-founder and CEO Bill Alderson said.

Congratulations to HOPZERO for the release of their new product, HopSphere Radius Security. Learn more about IncubatorCTX.