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Important Changes to MEd Concentration

June 24, 2019
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Concordia University Texas offers five specializations for those pursuing their Master of Education (MEd), one of which is the Instructional Leadership specialization. The specialization has been revamped to provide students with a more meaningful degree in a shorter amount of time.

The Instructional Leadership specialization has been closely tied to the Educational Administration specialization that prepares students for principal certification.

But students in the Instructional Leadership specialization are not pursuing principal certification, so CTX decided to make the courses more specific to the specialization, whilst removing content that only applies to educational administration students.

You’ll be equipped with the skills and practices you need to advance in education and make an impact.

Faster Completion Time

Originally requiring five semesters, you can now earn your MEd in Instructional Leadership in just four semesters.

To make the program shorter, you will have to take two semesters with three courses. However, because of our eight-week format, you will never take more than two courses at a time.

New Courses

Two new courses have been incorporated into the specialization, and they have been designed for aspiring leaders.

Leading Instructional Improvement and Developing Organizational Capacity have replaced two courses that focus on educational administration.

Advance Without Principal Certification

New requirements to principal certification have significantly increased costs (from $110 to $575) and assessment measures. Previously one test, candidates now must take a five-hour exam and three performance assessments that require months to complete.

With an MEd in Instructional Leadership, you can increase your influence and earning potential within the school system in a shorter amount of time.

Earn Principal Certification in the Future

What if you want to earn your principal certification in the future? It’s totally possible! Graduates with an MEd in Instructional Leadership are completely eligible to pursue principal certification through a regional service center.

Are you ready to advance in your career and earn your MEd in Instructional Leadership?