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MEd in Educational Administration

Teachers who desire to move into leadership roles at the campus level have the opportunity to earn a Master of Education in Educational Administration while working toward Principal Certification in Texas. Courses are aligned to the new 268 exam and PASL (Performance Assessments for School Leaders) tasks. Candidates are prepared over the course of the 2-year (6-semester) program that includes a full semester, campus-based internship. The ultimate goal is to develop leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to serve students, teachers and their larger communities.  

Candidates for the Texas Principal certificate must:

  1. Hold a master's degree
  2. Hold a valid classroom teaching certificate
  3. Have a minimum of two years of classroom teaching experience in a K-12 school
  4. Successfully complete a principal preparation program, including a practicum at a TEA-approved campus in Texas under the guidance of a state-certified mentor with at least three years of administrative experience
  5. Obtain permission from Concordia to sit for the Texas principal certification exam (see Principal Certification and Benchmarks tab)
  6. Pass the state Principal Exam (068)


Graduate students selecting this specialization:

  • Will meet principal certification requirements set forth by the State of Texas

  • Will display ethical and Christian leadership skills necessary to help students grow in a healthy and productive manner

  • Will display all the skills necessary to be a successful administrator at private or public schools

  • Will be trained in laws, policies, and procedures at the federal, state and local levels

  • Will have the opportunity to complete Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) and Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) training.

  • Will complete a practicum as an acting administrator at the campus or district level



Core Courses (12 hours)

MED 5303 Curriculum Design and Practice

MED 5305 Education Research

MED 5308 Ethics and Leadership in Education

MED 5309 Differentiated Instruction and Learning Theory

Specialization: Educational Administration (18 hours)

EDAD 5322 Legal Foundations of Education

EDAD 5323 Evaluation and Assessment in Education

EDAD 5351 Principal as Diversity Leader

EDAD 5352 Principal as Resource Leader

EDAD 5353 Principal as Professional Development and Continuing Education Leader

EDAD 5154 Practicum I

EDAD 5155 Practicum II

EDAD 5156 Practicum III


MEd Cohort Class Schedules

Principal Certification Admission & Benchmarks

Educational Administration students will be contacted during their second semester with information about applying for the Principal Certification program and will be added to a course in Blackboard Learn called Principal Certification

 In order to be accepted into the Principal Certification program, students must successfully complete the following requirements:

  • Meet all university admission requirements to the Educational Administration specialization including:
    • A minimum GPA of 3.0 either cumulatively or in the last 60 hours from the most recently earned Bachelor's degree or higher (Candidates with a GPA or 2.75-2.99 may submit GRE scores for evaluation.)
    • An official service record with at least two (2) full years as teacher of record
    • A valid, unexpired teaching certificate
  • Submit completed application form to the Principal Certification course in Blackboard Learn
  • Schedule and successfully complete interview with College of Education faculty
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 1 (usually concurrent with MED 5308) by passing interview and follow-up, timed in-box writing activity
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 2 (usually concurrent with MED 5305) by earning passing score on Benchmark 2 formal writing assessment (Benchmark 2 must be completed before beginning EDAD courses.)
  • In good academic standing with the University
  • Accept admissions offer within required time frame

In order to remain in and successfully complete the Principal Certification program, the candidate must: 

  • Remain in good academic standing with the University, including maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 3 by completing test preparation requirements during EDAD 5154. (See EDAD 5154 syllabus for additional information.)
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 4 by passing state 068 exam prior to practicum semester (See EDAD 5155 syllabus for additional information.)
  • Successfully complete all required coursework
  • Successfully complete Benchmark 5, the Internship Practicum, at TEA-approved, on-ground campus in Texas under guidance of state-certified mentor (administrator/principal) with at least three years of administrative experience in EDAD 5156


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