Software Engineering Concentration Installed at CTX

May 23, 2019
Concordia Software Engineering Concentration

The very first concentration for the computer science program at Concordia University Texas launches in the fall of 2019. Dr. Meiru Chu, assistant professor of computer science, told us all about the exciting new software engineering program.

Why Add a Concentration to the Computer Science Program?

The reason for adding the software engineering concentration is to better prepare computer science students for their careers.

Most CTX computer science students enter the IT field after they graduate. IT is rapidly growing and employers are specifically seeking professionals with software engineering skills. This concentration provides students with the skills employers are demanding.

Why Earn a Software Engineering Degree from CTX?

Most computer science programs focus solely on coding, but the concentration at CTX looks at the entire life cycle of software engineering and design. Students will learn about the entire process, from coding to quality testing.

With a more comprehensive understanding of software engineering, students will have a competitive advantage in the job market.

What are the classes?

The software engineering concentration requires four three-credit classes, totaling 12 credit hours.

The courses include:

  • Software Testing
  • Software Requirements Engineering
  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Software Design Project

Students will learn both the theoretical and practical applications of software engineering.

Who Can Take the Classes?

The software engineering concentration is completely optional, offered to both BA and BS computer science students. Those who opt not to take the concentration can still take the software engineering classes as electives.

What’s the Software Design Project?

During this course, students work with a real Austin company to design a prototype for a small system that the company can potentially use. Students are able to apply what they’ve learned to the full design process and gain experience for their resumes.

“We really hope that this will up their knowledge and experience,” Dr. Chu said, “not only for their education but also for their job in the future.”

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