Odd Study Hacks to Help You Improve Your Memory

April 22, 2019
Student Studying at Coffee shop

We’ve researched some odd but potentially effective study hacks for you to try during finals this week. If you test them out, let us know how they work!

Read Out Loud

Obviously, you’ll want to be in a private space, like your room, to read out loud.

Reading material out loud has been shown to improve your ability to remember something.

Stop Studying

We don’t mean you should stop studying permanently. But when you’re studying, it’s important to take regular breaks. Even if it’s only for five minutes or so, breaks help you absorb more information and keep you focused.

You could take a walk around the beautiful campus or enjoy a cup of coffee on the pier.

Shorter, more-intense study sessions are believed to be more effective than long sessions with few breaks.

Make a Font Change

Some studies have shown that Times New Roman font helps students read more quickly and with more accuracy. Others have shown that more difficult fonts help you absorb information more effectively.

Consider changing the font of your notes. If you have an e-book, try to copy and paste the material into Word and convert the text there.

Be Nosy

Research has proposed that smell is a powerful memory jogger. Choose an unfamiliar scent to smell (either a cologne/perfume or essential oil) and smell it whilst you study. Before your tests, smell the same scent again to help jog your memory.

Just make sure you don’t put on too much cologne or perfume that consumes the classroom!

Chews Wisely

If you’re a fan of gum, choose a flavor you never get and chew it as you study.

Bring the same flavor to chew during your exam, if allowed, to improve your memory of the material you’ve studied.

Take a Walk

We have been blessed with a beautiful campus and walking around it for 20 minutes or so can help boost your brain power and memory.

Listen and Read at the Same Time

Some students find that listening to the text they’re reading helps them better absorb the information.

If you’re able to find an audiobook version of what you’re studying, download it and read along with the narrator. You typically have the option to speed up the audiobook, too, if the narrator takes too long.

Become the Professor

One of the best ways to solidify the concepts you’re learning is to teach them.

Whether you explain material to your parents, friends or pets, this tactic requires you to communicate what you’ve learned.

Concordia offers many resources to help you achieve academic success, including a guide to websites that provide more study tips. Happy studying, Tornados!