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Students, you can find resources to help you thrive.

Review the helpful websites below for information about improving study skills, time management and more.

Academic Resources
  • Study Skills

    How to Study

    This website has resources to help you learn better study habits and other resources to help you study for specific subjects.

    Boost Productivity

    This website has a download to help you get in the zone by completely removing yourself from the choice to be distracted.

    Learning Styles

    This website has a questionnaire to help you discover your learning style.

    Study Skills Guide

    This website has tools, strategies, and will help you know how, when and what to study.

    How to Learn and Study Effectively

    This website will help you with note taking and studying.

    Study Notes

    This website will help you develop an overall system of learning and a personal philosophy for studying.

    Test Taking Tips

    This website will help you develop tips for taking different styles of test. Essay, multiple choice, true/false, and others.

    The Learning Toolbox

    This website includes tools to help you improve in the 8 academic areas of Math, Organization, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills, Note Taking, Reading, Writing, and Advanced Thinking.

  • Math, Science, and other Subjects

    Khan Academy

    This website has over 3000 video lessons covering math, science and many other subjects.


    Numerade host’s hundreds of thousands of videos covering major topics in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics.


    This website consists of videos that review the basics of college essay-writing.

    Science Prof Online

    This is a free science education website with virtual classrooms in microbiology, cell biology, and will soon add an anatomy and physiology classroom. Other resources include: PowerPoint science lectures, "class notes" articles, practice test questions, and review questions.

    Science Image Library

    Copyright-free photos on a variety of science topics.

    Chemistry About

    This website has an assortment of chemistry worksheets available to print.

    Flashcards and Study Games

    This site has loads of flashcards and competitive study games for just about any subject - math, sciences, languages, art, literature, history and more. These are great to use as warm up or cool down during your study sessions.

    Excel Easy

    Easy to follow, fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples. It's 100% free.

  • Chrome Web Extensions

    Chrome Web Extensions

    Chrome web browser allows users to install a wide variety of web extensions that provide tools that can help all learners, regardless of ability level.