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The Concordia MBA's Meaningful Core Values

January 06, 2021
CTX graduates

The Concordia University Texas MBA program is designed for professionals who desire to become ethical, competent leaders in their industry, community and family. Ranked as the most affordable program in Austin (IPEDs, 2018), the Concordia MBA program can be completed in just 20 months without a concentration and 24 months with a concentration.

The core values of the Concordia MBA set the program apart by emphasizing leadership skills and challenging students to use their abilities to serve and impact others.

Watch how one Concordia MBA alumnus is impacting his community.

Concordia MBA Core Values

The Concordia MBA program is committed to transforming the world while we transform ourselves. These values provide guidance for how we live out this commitment.

Unapologetically Hopeful

We bring a sense of hope to our work, balancing support and a belief in possibilities with rigor and commitment.

On a Journey of Learning Together

Our community and our classrooms are safe spaces to take risks and learn for both faculty and students. Transparency, intellectual honesty and emotional honesty combine with care and compassion to create this safe space. We preserve the integrity of our community by living what we teach.

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place

With each interaction, we aim to leave things better than we found them. We consciously work to improve ourselves, our organizations and our communities. Toward that end, we use assessment and evaluation processes and tools that reflect our values and enable continuous improvement.

Willing to Step Into the Mess

Life is messy. We are willing to deal with ourselves and our world as complicated and messy puzzles, wholes that are richer than the sum of their parts. By embracing paradox and creating dialogue that honors all perspectives, we open a space for understanding the messiness and choosing a path.

All in This Together

We have a shared accountability for the success of one another and the community. As co-learners in this adventure, we are willing to allow our dialogue to transform us individually and collectively. We support the growth and integrity of the whole, as well as our individual growth and integrity.

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