Top 5 Myths About a Liberal Arts Education

May 21, 2019
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Concordia University Texas is a liberal arts university. There are commonly held myths about liberal arts education that may make you nervous about going to a liberal arts university.

In this blog post, we’ve addressed five of the most common myths about liberal arts education and how Concordia defies them all.

But first, we need to distinguish between a liberal arts university and a general education university. Liberal arts universities emphasize the development of your skills in critical thinking, analysis and problem solving across different areas of study.

General education universities place greater emphasis on educating you in one specific area of study and developing skills specific to your major.

Myth 1: All liberal arts universities are the same

Concordia University Texas offers you a unique educational experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Each course is infused with our core values, the most important of which is being Christ-centered, so you will be challenged and equipped to grow into a strong Christian leader for God’s glory.

Our students also enjoy a beautiful campus that sits on 437 acres of nature preserve in Northwest Austin. Our convenient location is just a short drive from both downtown Austin and the Hill Country.

Myth 2: A liberal arts university doesn’t prepare you for the workforce

A liberal arts education can actually be more effective in preparing you for the real world. Issues within one specific area of business affect other areas of business; they don’t operate in silos.

The liberal arts education Concordia provides helps students develop their critical thinking, leadership and problem-solving skills with the ultimate goal of serving others. You will be equipped to address problems that transcend specific areas of study and affect the organization overall.

Concordia University Texas Students Indoors

Myth 3: A liberal arts university doesn’t provide me with as many connections as a large, general education university

Concordia offers valuable networking opportunities that compete with large universities like the University of Texas at Austin.

Because of our small size, our students are able to directly network with professors and classmates who have important connections within the community. The university itself also has strong community connections, some of which are large employers in the Greater Austin area (Dell, IBM, Bazaarvoice and more).

Myth 4: Liberal arts universities are too expensive

Concordia offers competitively priced tuition, and around 80% of our students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and loans.

We have developed programs to make private higher education even more affordable. Our Tornado Textbook program charges you just $25 per credit hour for books, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. We also offer a variety of scholarships (academic and athletic based) and grants.

Myth 5: Liberal arts universities have weak STEM programs

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs are crucial in today’s technologically driven world. Concordia offers competitive STEM programs in a variety of concentrations.

For example, we are rolling out a new software engineering major for the computer science program in the fall. Additionally, ranked Concordia’s nursing program fifth out of 119 programs in Texas.

Concordia University Texas is a liberal arts university that offers you a strong educational foundation for whichever career path you choose. We strive to be the premier university where the adventure of faith, learning and life-changing experiences leads to meaningful work.

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